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Hello Wednesday! June 27, 2007

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Can y’all believe it is already Wednesday???  This week is flying by, and I need at least another day added on NOW!

Frankly, I am ready for a vacation, and just when I am ready, opportunity knocks 🙂 I am spending all next week in the state of Kansas, on a farm 🙂  Grandma still lives out in the boonies, in a cute farmhouse in probably the only hills of Kansas.  For me it is ideally beautiful, quiet and quaint. Except for the fact I have to drag two kids across a state and a half to get there.  

I am plugging away on a few things, but plugging may be the operative word.  I knit the heel of a blue sock, then tore it out again cause I didn’t like it.  Plus after putting it on what seemed like considerable length seems short?  Perhaps a couple more rounds may satisfy that, but then I think I might like them short, I just can’t make up my mind.  So it is on the hold pile.  I am still plugging on the shrug, but wishing I had knit the sleeves in the round, if I had it would probably already be done.  Started a new bag, although WHY I need a bag is beyond me, I have TONS, but yet here I go making another bag.  The charity hats are on hold to give my poor hands time to recover from the sandpaper yarn, plus I want to find a feasible lining plan before I go about mad hat knitting.  I also frogged a cotton lace type project, I had made about a bazillion mistakes in it, but what really decided me is I wanted the cord for my options to start the bag.  Anybody got any brilliant ideas for two skeins of chocolate colored butterfly cotton? I am officially now at a loss, but I lurve this yarn 🙂

Alright, ready for a blent?? (blog vent, yeah, yeah, I know….)

MY KIDS ARE GOING TO MAKE ME *****ing NUTS!* What could there possible be between a twelve year old and a four year old that would make them fight like cats and dogs??  REALLY…. what on EARTH could there be to fight about?  They are lucky Monday was a nerve wracking day, had every nerve I had not been pulverized at work, they would have been all over my nerves as it was, I took the bad mom route, fed them junk food for dinner and tv’d them.  She is twelve and apparently has nothing better to do than start fights with people, and he is four and apparently has nothing better to do than act overly sensitive to every move she makes.   AND since I am apparently about as bright as a fruitbat, I am putting both of them in the back set of a car and driving for 11 hours.  So I am making her read TWO of the title from the summer reading list instead of the requisite one, I think that might at least keep her somewhat occupied.

if y’all are religious at all, you may want to pray for us….. I think we could use all the help we could get. 

Anyhoo, not sure how much keeping up I will do, you may not see me till Saturday or Sunday next week, but hopefully by then I will have some pics for your viewing pleasure, I really should go about finishing SOMETHING after all…..


* Sorry for yelling, but it is truly necessary. Fruitbat I tell ya, fruitbat.


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