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What a week June 4, 2007

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OK, so seriously I know it has been a while, and while I truly did NOT go to prison for my gas station stunt, I did go back the next day and pay for the refill…. see?? I only have one cup and I ponied up for two refills in one day.

I did however get to listen to the aforementioned older lady clerk lecture me on morals, and how being in a hurry does not make any difference and all.  So I have clearly paid my dues.

My dear, dear, dear children (it helps if you read this while savagely dripping sarcasm into every syllable) have wrapped up their school years in spectacular fashion.  DD by having field trips or parties every day for the last week, all of them requiring that I do SOMETHING and sun burning herself.  I pawned a field trip onto my sister though, so I got one freebie.  I figure it is only right to let her know what she could be up against if she decided to have children.   She handled it well, and still speaks coherently, although I believe the little tick in her right eye may be new. 

Sun burn girl 🙂

DS had his field day on the last day of school, DH attended, but boy is quite happy now, as he is firm in the belief that he will NEVER have to go back to school.  I am debating on the correct time to let him know otherwise.  For field day DS exercised his tremendous fashion sense….

I am knitting away in random fashion, on random things and battling a case of startitis I cannot afford.  I still have the blue socks, with only about an inch more than last time, I made three squares for the Greensburg Kansas afghan project, and I am working on a shrug.  The thing about the shrug is, that while I was surfing the blog o sphere, I found one just like it…… at Lolly’s.  Mine is the same, with the same green yarn, so imagine it on my sofa instead of hers, and well, there ya go.

Afghan square 🙂

I also sat myself down in the sewing room and got a little something started, ages ago (in January) I bought all the stuff to make a tote bag….a beautiful grown up classic tote bag. I finally got started.  All the pieces are cut out, and interfacing is applied, now I just have to sit down at the machine, decipher the construction directions and get sewing.  This sucker is gonna be huge, but seeing as how I seem to need luggage to run to the convenience store, I am optimistic it will be "the" bag. 

We also went to a wedding, I dressed the kids up, and attempted photos…. but this is as close as we got to a smile from DS….

Just to prove he can smile….

Oh and since I think kids at weddings are cute… is my little niece dancing with a great uncle….

  I envy the hair flying dancing skills!