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Vacation…. Over….. July 10, 2007

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You know, Kansas was absolutely lovely this year.  Everything was green and beautiful and green. Things actually went well, and my children were quite good little travelers.  The biggest glitch was in going to an area of the country that was flooding.  It is quite a drive from Denver to Wichita, and when we got to Wichita, the highway we needed to travel on was closed.  After and adventurous little detour that almost landed us in a shelter for the evening, we did make it to Grandma’s house OK, a bit tired, a bit damp, but happy to be there 🙂

Grandma’s farm is utterly ideal to me.  The whole place is just beautiful, the house is quaint and charming… (actually I think it is Grandma that makes it charming… but it is charming) and as far as vacation goes, how can one not feel completely satisfied after walking on a hilltop field full of flowers 🙂

Grandma lives in a different era, even today, her ideas about waste are totally different than those of today.  Grandma does not throw away a single bag.  They get reused.  All of them.  Even the ones from inside the cereal box 🙂 I think it is odd what we think of as recycling today, and how Grandma knows more about recycling than anyone I ever met.  Odd that progression has taken us backwards…. If you think it hasn’t ask anyone old enough to remember about flour sacks. 

Grandma has been trying very hard lately to get people to take things they want.  Not the things she needs, but other stuff. This time I brought home aprons, two that belonged to my great grandmother.  The thing is I still remember the aprons.  Memory of my youth is spotty at best.  It often takes something to jar my memory.  The aprons did just that.  The pink one I brought home took me right back to Great Grandma’s house, Great Grandma was wearing it and headed down the stairs to bring us up some apple butter to take home.  Great Grandma ALWAYS had apple butter.  Grandma ALWAYS had strawberries and tomatoes canned up and ready for us 🙂 Only now do I realize how spoiled we were 🙂

Grandma made this quilt, and I think it is a great idea for anyone with a hat collection. 

She took the soft patch front off of each hat and put it on a hat applique.  I am just not sure it gets any more clever than this 🙂 Plus like the aprons for me, I know dad remembered Grandpa’s hats the same way. 

Anyway, we did a little of everything… a little walking, a little cooking, a little crafting, a LOT of talking, perhaps more eating than one in my shape should do, and well, just a little relaxing. 

I made an amugurimi dinosaur that has been adopted pre-photo, I will bug the sister for pictures though. 

I made and tore out a front panel of an intricate stag bag.  I really need to practice this color stuff.  Floats are not easy.  Really.  Not easy.  But I really want an intricate stag bag, so we shall be trying again soon, maybe in a sport weight 🙂 I was set to have a rather LARGE bag.

I could go on forever but I won’t instead I will just leave you in pics.


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