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Knitting, Gears of War and other nonsense. July 16, 2007

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OK, so I have real actual knitting progress to show! I have been tirelessly knitting on the shrug of doom and actually have a picture to show for it.  I wish I had been smart enough to knit the sleeves in the round, but since I wasn’t I am just slogging through….

Oddly enough I managed to take a picture that looks like random flat knitting, but I promise this is the sleeve and about 5 inches of back of the shrug…..

And here is a new one for me…….

See the red stripe on the left?? See the more or less plain green on the right??  The right was my working yarn the left is where they decided to put a knot and tie on a WHOLE DIFFERENT IN THE WRONG PLACE COLOR!!!   I spent half an hour just getting past this as it was near the end of a skein, so I wound the end of the skein and then had to find another with a close starting place to the stripe pattern.  Great fun. I now have two teeny balls of seaming yarn 🙂

Since my knitting had been going so well, I allowed myself to be enlisted by DH into a game of Gears of War…. People I am way too wimpy to be playing this game.  We made it through the first chapter, but not cause of my crazy gaming skills.  I am more of a Viva Pinata type girl… but it was fun playing. When else is my husband gonna get to rescue me from an otherworldly berserker who hunts by sound and smell…. creepy y’all.  Especially when the controllers shake when something bad is about to happen.  I can see the allure of gaming, especially horror and war theme games, like movies only interactive.

Anyhoo… figured yesterday it might be time to shake the tween up a little, so we shopped for school supplies 🙂 She is so bored that she is not shaken up at all, she is actually looking forward to having SOMETHING to do – even if it is school.   So now I must resort to nagging her about summer reading and the project associated with it, at the pace she is going her summer reading won’t be done until her kids do it for her.  DS has a slight sunburn from a hike I took him on.  I totally underestimated his resistance to certain activities.  This was one of those certain activities.  He has informed me he would rather eat dog food than hike.  The nuggets of "what he would rather do" came at random times throughout the entire weekend.  These things included drinking bad milk, never eating cookies, being nice to his sister, playing alone in the basement, and various other means of attempting to bribe me into never hiking again. I am still pondering how to deal with this as DH’s feeling regarding hiking are highly similar.  It seems I must hike only on Sundays when DH and DS can sit in the comfort of the swamp cooler and cable.   


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