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Progress…… July 25, 2007

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Ok, so I would like to have a huge FO post, but no such luck.  Actually I am making quite good progress on my shrug, but it is just progress.  When you start at one sleeve and knit to the other sleeve, 66" long of knitting stockinette, you come to realize just how little progress 10" actually represents.   I swear it is hopeless, I know that when I measure it, it is longer, but knitting on it seems like a futile exercise.  I am beginning to see shy people like complex patterns and what not, at least you would have some idea of progress, as in "look, I finished another pattern repeat" or what ever… I get "look, there’s another inch" or "Oohh, look at those extra two rows of knitting….." In one sense it is mindless, and I can finally knit without staring at my hands, although I do tend to still stare at my hands, on the other hand, I think for my next project I will need to go looking for a bit more of a challenge.  

Next in line is actually an EZ baby surprise jacket for a co-worker…. no idea what yarn yet or any of that, but I know I want to try one of these…….but see, this is where Ravelry becomes VERY Important…..I can look up the baby surprise jacket and see A BUNCH of FO’s ALLLLLLL in ONE place, made out of a TON of different yarns…..I am TOTALLY loving the Ravelry.

The kids are as always, kids, I find it hard not to remind them that school is less than one month away.    I usually really want them to go to school, but I find myself reluctant this year…. DD is getting so…. older.  More teen like, less tween like every day. It is pretty strange, since she has always been.. well, herself.. to see her voyage out this way.  She is still has more strings to childhood than other girls her age, thankfully, but I watch her cut more and more of them every day.  Seems that the school year is just too close.  I can’t help but wonder about this next phase.  All those things about not getting it till you experience it?  Not so true in early years, I find you pretty much get it, you don’t feel as if you are hanging out there, clueless, and maybe even worthless, but now, I get it.  I feel it with every fiber of my being, and I do not like it.  I want to know, and to be able to seamlessly handle all of the issues she has, but I can’t, because I just do not know.  I hate second guessing myself, and I do that a lot these days.  I am thankful though, because DD has a heart of gold and rather feisty independence, plus she is really quite a good kid.  All I can do is hope I do enough things right to end up with a decent adult who still comes to visit.

Meanwhile I will continue to exercise all my willpower, and not cast on for 20 different things, but continue to work on the never ending shrug.  Maybe someday there will be a photo.


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