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Ohhh Thursday. July 27, 2007

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So Thursday was crazy… Um yeah, really crazy, work was INSANE… at the moment my stacks are so out of control that they may actually breach the cubicle walls.  Ordinarily this would be OK, it would just mean that I have to file, or clean or whatnot, but yesterday it meant I had work coming out my ears.  Still one can only beat their head against so many walls before one must throw in the towel, given the nature of the day I threw it in 10 minutes early and decided to head to a family gathering….. Less than 5 minutes from the office I got the call…… DD had broken her tooth off.  While husband exercised his panic button, I was able to be the calm one.  Turns out he didn’t realize that she had only busted off her previously fixed tooth from the debacle in October where her brother broke her tooth off with a key chain.  Anyhoo, we have a lovely dentist who fixed it again, and she was back in the pool in an hour.

The pool was exhausting for the swimmers, I just played the role of photographer…..

  Niece and BIL… she is an adventurous one!!!

DH and DS, not so adventurous 🙂

DH demonstrates the art of the cannonball as the kids wear him out egging him on to do more…..

Just when I thought the day was done, Rufus the Dufus escaped again, since he will only come back to DD, she and DH ventured out at about 9:30 at night to find him.  He was found, but had rolled in, well, crap.  Really.  Bathing commenced and he is now fluffy rather than sleek because I let him dry naturally.  I rather hope it is a strike against his dignity, since he felt the need to roll in… well…crap.

And knitting???  None, zip, nada.  I have however come to the conclusion that the yarn requirements for the shrug were a fabrication, as it appears it will take me two ENTIRE extra balls to complete, being smart, I bought ONE extra….but now it looks as if I must shop for another 🙂


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