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Take me out to the ball game….. July 31, 2007

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OK, it is Tuesday, and a very Tuesdayish Tuesday at that, not NEARLY as overwhelming as Monday, but just crazy enough so that you know it is still a workday 🙂

Saturday Hubby and I went to the Stitch and Pitch at Coors Field.  The Rockies won 🙂 and this

is what a whole section of Knitters and their buddies looks like.  If the seats were two inches wider I would have been a little happier….as it was there was NO ROOM in our seats, so we skedaddled after the fifth inning to walk the stadium.  Fortunately all the action came while we were in our seats, and we didn’t miss any big plays. 

It just so happens the dear sister has been reading the blog and picked up on the subtle hint about pictures…..   This little guy is partially from an old issue of Workbasket magazine, and partially from my imagination.  He is SUPPOSED to be a dinosaur.  I guess he might also bear an uncanny resemblance to a wingless dragon, or even a lizard.  Anyway, while at Grandma’s on vacation I found a bunch of old craft magazines.  I ADORE old craft magazines.  Anyhoo, once I saw this guy, I dropped everything else and started him up.  I made the body, and the tail, and then…..the pattern stopped.  There was no pattern for legs, or for his spiny thing, both of which are CLEARLY shown in the picture in the magazine.  So I did a little improvising and finished the dinosaur my way, with stubby legs and an offset shell spine 🙂   (Dinosaur, that’s my story and I am sticking to it….unless I find a really cool wing pattern 🙂

I have been knitting away at the shrug of doom.  I really wish there was a way to make long boring projects more interesting.  My luck I will finish this thing and the weather will be hotter than hades this fall and I will not get to wear it for MONTHS.  I am beginning to peruse afghan patterns with thoughts of attempting to churn one out by Christmas, but I really have craft ADD, I have to supplement any big project with two or three instant gratification projects.  Right now my mind is wandering towards crochet kitchen stuff, but also a little bit here…..

  Since this is a WIP that is from about X-mas time, and I still love it, but I never finished it. 


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