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I have a movie year??? August 10, 2007

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This got me thinking.  Do I have a movie year?   Really, could one have a movie year?  Quickly I googled my all time favorite, The Princess Bride and found it was released in 1987.  After a quick trip down memory lane in which I recalled how much Dirty Dancing affected me on first view, it too turned out to be 1987.  The only movie I googled that was NOT 1987 was Stand By Me and that was ’86.

Hmm… maybe I DO have a movie year…. IMDB to the rescue, and a quick and dirty listing of all movies released in 1987 by release date.  Notable movies include:

  1. Adventures in Babysitting
  2. Spaceballs
  3. Full Metal Jacket
  4. La Bamba
  5. Lost Boys
  6. Brave Little Toaster
  7. and last (but not least) Flowers in the Attic

I have seen all but the last one, and many others from 1987, most of them in the theatre, which I guess officially makes 1987 my movie year.  Which makes sense, at 15 I had a job and worked at a mall with a movie theatre and got a mall discount on tickets (like my friends let me in free discount :-).  Hindsight is a terrible thing though, I remember my kickin’ cool teenage wardrobe with the skinny jeans with the zippers at the ankles and what not.  I also totally did that wall o’ hair thing with my bangs……

What’s your movie year??


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