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Yoohoo… Wednesday? Please be longer….. August 15, 2007

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Not because it is a great day, but because I have so much to do today it will not be possible to do it all, which may make one wonder why I would bother posting a blog post at all…. Maybe I work best under pressure eh?  Put it off until absolute drop deadishness?  Nope.   Waiting for others to finish their stuff so I can be hit with it at the last possible minute.  Actually I do work well under pressure, but this is getting ridiculous.  It is fortunate that I have vast patience right now. VAST I tells ya. So I fill the wait time with this, which I can drop at any moment, and pick up on what can only be generously called 10 hours of work for the average human that we know YOU can do in 6 if you absolutely have to. Sigh. 

OOh, I am knitting and knitting on the shrug and it is so close I am getting excited!!! I am even shopping for my next project, in which I will be making a real for true awesome poodle skirt, for the mostest cutest little girl ever…….

Anyway, hope y’all are having a relaxed Wednesday, and if you are loan me a couple hours of it, I am going to need it!!


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