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Mildly Antsy…… August 22, 2007

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OK, so the shrug is sooooo close to being done that I have been putting off posting because I want to do a finished object post.  THAT DARN CLOSE, Like under 2000 stitched to go with very minimal finishing……..

Other than that, we have spent all week in preparation for d-day…. (also known as BACK TO SCHOOL DAY 🙂

And the kids have both been successfully transported to their respective institutes of learning.  The preschooler has already returned from his special dad and him get acquainted at school day, and this went MUCH better than last year.  This year we may not have to leave the front door open for him in case he escapes and comes home 🙂 His feet however have grown two inches overnight and before he starts in earnest tomorrow, I need to go shoe shopping with him (bye bye knitting time).  Girl is still safely held in the classroom at the middle school (odd, I went to Jr. High 🙂 and I am keeping my fingers crossed that tonight’s report will be filled with the same girlish rabble I always get, she prattles when she is happy, and clams when she isn’t.

Also, I must say that girl did indeed finish her summer reading project.  The only help she needed was to format it on the computer, which her dad handily took care of.  So until next summer…….

Anyway…. until next time, when hopefully I will be wearing the shrug…….


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