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The shrug is done…… August 24, 2007

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I have a simple shrug.  First the good:

1. It is DONE.  I have knit and knit and knit and knit.  31,840 stitches to be exact < I can do math, me!!!

2. I believe my picked up stitches are superior to any I have picked up in the past.

3. It is comfy and warm, and I will wear it lots 🙂


4. I am pretty happy with my seams, I worked hard to do them properly.

5. the stripes on the arms pretty much match each other although in reverse, both ending with reddish cuffs.  This was an effect I never could have achieved on purpose.

OK, the bad: 

1. It is really hard to tell how this will fit until you are done.  I mean you can get an idea of sleeve length, but mine looks tiny on me compared to the model pic.  At first I was disappointed by this, but then I realized that I had done everything right, I made a Large/x-large, got gauge, my finished pieces is the exact size it is supposed to be, and there were no measurements given other than the final size.  Given that I own no other garment like this, it would have been pretty tough to gauge fit by finished size measurements. Once I got over the fact it looked different on me and saw the pic’s rather than the mirror, I was more pleased, but I think I will never forget my initial disappointment.

The Ugly:

Size 6 and 8 Knitpicks options circ. needles.  Caron simply soft shadows yarn. Yarn requirements on the pattern were WAY off, and I needed more to match stripes.  Pattern said four I used seven. (but have essentially a skein of many balls left over due to stripe matching issues) this mostly disturbs me as I got gauge and my piece is just the size it should be. Plus it took forever!!


AND since I have received part of a wonderful swap, from a terrific knitter, knitting nyxxie, I must share very awesome sock pictures.

I stalked my feet for days and found them in their natural environment under a cube desk:


They were mildly startled by the flash, but eventually succumbed to curiosity and were photographed in much more detail…

How do you thank someone for making you awesome socks???? I am not sure I can, but will be sending more embroidered stuff her way soon!!


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