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I have a teenager??? August 28, 2007

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We have all heard how 13 is an unlucky number, and there have been many theories about WHY thirteen is unlucky.  May I present a new one.  At the ripe age of 13 apparently our "tweens" become official teenagers. 

So on Saturday we officially welcomed a teenager to the family.  Because I am her mother, and I refuse to believe she is growing up, I made her a blankie 🙂 And yes, she appreciated it 🙂

Being a mom to a teenager is new to me.  It seems to me that she is perhaps a pretty special teenager.  DD has had to work very hard the past couple of years both in school and at home.  We have asked a lot of her and she has proven herself over and over.  For every moment she makes us crazy, she makes up by being responsible. For every goofy thing, she does something sweet.  DD has blessed me in numerous ways, and truly is an amazing child  teenager.  As a mom, I find our children are so much more than just our children, they are at times our mirrors, our conscience, our passage into new social rules, and even new technology.  As an adult, (and perhaps a more astute history student than before) I have realized just how fast things change, and DD seems to always be "in the know.

I don’t know how it will be possible for me to hold on to her and let her go at the same time.  My breath literally catches in my throat as I think that kind of thought, and I am truly glad that "teenager" lasts a long time.  Perhaps, given enough time, I can figure it all out. 

I can say that I think she will be a better cook than me, she likes cooking and does it not just so she can have something to eat.  She will be at least as disorganized as me, but perhaps maybe have a neat kitchen like her father.  She will sometimes be the center of attention, sometimes not, and she has learned to be OK with that. She will be a dear friend to anyone who desires her friendship.  And she thinks she "might" want to go to college 🙂


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