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Frizzle Fry……….. August 30, 2007

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Me that is. 

Poor DH was schlepped to the Dr. yesterday for a pretty bad flare up of sciatica.  He was in much pain, and frankly just needed a little TLC.  I took the day off to give him said TLC.  Which was kind of nice, I am not home during the day, and it is nice to be home during the day every once in a while. 

I am beginning to think the work being crazy thing is a permanent state of being, and that I should probably just get used to it.  Which I guess I will, but I will do so reluctantly.  It seems as if busy is just in general becoming a state of existance…..

I didn’t mention earlier, but it was a hugely busy weekend.  We had my company picnic, then a yarn sale, then the next day we went to Elitch’s.


While the work picnic was nice, (we rented a snow cone machine, nothing beats a snow cone with as much syrup as you want) and Elitch’s was fun (DS especially loved it)….. the yarn sale was clearly the highlight of my weekend.  (Other than DD’s Birthday, of course)

I bought enough Jaegger tweed to make myself a cardigan, and right now I am pretty fixated on the Dollar and a Half Cardigan. But this yarn has me practically in a shambles, I love it so much, and it is the first time I have bought  enough of the good stuff for a sweater for me, so I really want it to be something I can wear and enjoy, as I know whatever I make, it will not be an "instant sweater" (Remember the shrug!!).  I can’t tell you how much time I have lost to Ravelry in search of the perfect pattern.  Then as soon as I find something, I second guess my abilities and well…it goes on and on.   I had no idea the yarn would make me this crazy.  I think if I stash too much it will only be that indecision keeps me from using any of my yarn!!

I also bought almost enough Mission Falls to make my daughter some Twinkle Toes slipper socks, but apparently almost wasn’t good enough, since I have almost done in a whole skein and I am at the darn ankle. This is my first pair of toe up socks!! I knew I wanted to do socks when I got the yarn, and then I was going through my Tivo’d Knitty Gritty episodes, and there it was… toe up socks 🙂 I really love the toe cast on and so forth, the show really focused in on the detail of casting on and increasing, but they just glossed over the heel, I didn’t get it at all!!! So I am way unsure of what I am doing.  So far I have been kind of following the pattern and kind of following the Toe up socks how to from Interweave Knits. I imagine it would be much smarter to stick with a single pattern, but neither one makes sense to me on its own, so far they look pretty good, if they refuse to turn out and fit her, they will fit me well, and I won’t be picky about the heel!!!!

Anyhoo, I called  A Knitted Peace today and they very sweetly put two more balls on hold for me 🙂 Now I totally have an excuse to go snuggle yarn on Saturday!!  While I am there I plan on really perusing the cardigan patterns, I want to pick the right thing for my tweed, it is just sooo beautiful!!

 OH and speaking of LYS, I also got a chance to stop by Colorful Yarns, OMG, I could have moved in.   They were so friendly, and that store is just beeeeyooootiful.  Plus if you are looking for a bag… this is the place to go.  I drooled for at least a half hour and we did some total perfect bag chat.  I believe they have the perfect bag for everyone.  Since I have "mad" (lol) sewing skills, I passed on a large bag purchase..(actually I escaped by the skin of my teeth) but I did get this…..

Yup a HIPPO notions holder!!!!! I do love hippos 🙂


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