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Cheyenne…. August 8, 2007

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Is a cute town, a little historical, a little western.

Tuesday we went to Cheyenne.  The reason we went was for a funeral.  My sister in law’s father’s funeral.  I think I only met him once, but funeral’s aren’t for the departed, they are for the rest of us. 

I always underestimate how hard funerals will be for me.  I have been to more than my share if you judge by my hubby, this was his first.  Anyhow, for me it is always all too real, too close, too much.  There but for the grace of who knows what go I. Oddly enough I don’t mean my own death, although I clearly do not want to die, I am not so afraid of that that I spend any time thinking on it at all.  I am terrified of losing those that I love though.  My circle is tiny, and in such it is entirely beloved, losing any one person would be horrific beyond thought.  Thus I hate seeing the left behind.  I hate being near people who are having their hearts broken.  I also know how much you need people near you when such events occur.  So I swallow it, smile and go.  I always will.  I just don’t think there is any other option.  Anyhow, I am glad I went, I wish I had it in me to stay longer, or even to say the right thing, even though we all know there is never anything that can be the one right thing.  I only hope they know that I am truly thinking of them.

There is no other news, really.  None.  A few more rows of knitting, a little more school starts damn soon prep and that is about it. 


Lazy Knitter….. August 3, 2007

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All right, so seriously if I start ANYTHING else I will NEVER finish this.  All I will work on until it is done is this shrug.  Seriously. 

What you see here is one YARD of knitting, one slow, how come I can’t see any progress yard.  I am getting faster at purling…… but seriously I feel LAZY just showing this with a ruler, it isn’t as though it is more fascinating with a ruler, but there is just no other way to show any progress at all. SO it will be dead to y’all until it is done.  You will not see it or hear of it again, until I model it. 

I have decided that lace is in my future.. I can’t keep my eyes off of it lately, and I am thinkin’ I got the skills, you shall either see lace in the near (yeah you all know what me a near is like, …right??) future or well, we shall never mention this again.  Really. Never. 

The countdown to school is ON! The kiddles have begun a joint quest to find all of our nerves and stomp on them.  Things that were feasibly annoying in one or the other of them are just downright unbearable now that they are tag teaming us.  REALLY.  Yes, I still remember I had moments of blissful summer, but we have moved past that.  The children now scheme together.  Oh don;t think this is good because they are getting along….no, nothing like that, the ONLY thing they agree upon is that both parents must be equally annoyed at all times, if the seem to be getting a little peace or calming down, a child must IMMEDIETLY remedy the situation by:

A: Asking to do something they KNOW they are not allowed to do.  (Mom, can I use the chainsaw?)

B. Continually asking WHY said activity is off limits. (It’s OK, I saw a kid on TV with no head!)

C. Taking the last (insert any food/drink item here) in the house and depriving sibling.

D. Believing sibling only takes the last (insert any food/drink item here) to deprive them of it.

E. Fighting.

F. Despite incessant boredom complaints, refuses to do anything that might be remotely interesting.

G. Especially if remotely interesting is an affordable activity. (WHY can’t we all go see Hannah Montana in concert?)

H. Interrupting movies to tell you stories about things they were not supposed to be doing in the first place. (um…CHAINSAW????)

I. In general resisting anything that a parental unit requests.

School will at least take their minds off of the plotting and give them something else to focus on.