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Burrnneedddddd Oouuuutttttt……. September 11, 2007

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Yeah, there was hope for weekend update, but hope was trampled upon.  You know how work gets when it is not just busy, but beyond busy, when most of your waking hours are working hours, and there is just too damn much stuff to do.  It has been this way practically all year.  The year started strong and has not slowed down, which is something to be grateful for in the job security sense, but is troubling in the life/happiness aspect.  Busy is good.  Overwhelmed….well that is another thing entirely. 

I do have new yarn, yummy new Knit picks yarn.  I have even had the pleasure of doing some surfing for appropriate patterns, and I had hoped to post the yarn and my ideas and ask my readership if I was off my cracker or what…. Anyhoo, have patience y’all, cause as soon as I can breathe, I will be posting an update.  Really.  I hope, maybe….oh hell, just make it slow down before Christmas…..Please?????


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