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Camp… Boy Scout style :-) September 27, 2007

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I am fortunate in that I know a Boy Scout or two.  This weekend, we were invited to attend a family campout.  Not the backpacking kind of crazy camp out, but a nice sleep in a tent with your car near by camp trip.  Now you tell me, how on earth can you turn down a Boy Scout????

DD, DS and I packed up and headed to the lake for the day on Saturday.  I wish I could tell you how clever it is that the boys did most of the cooking, or how cute they were, or how nice it was to just hang out near a campfire, or how awesome the cobbler was cooked in a dutch oven and all (with charcoal people, the RIGHT way to use a dutch oven!!) but I am sure there are just not words.  DD loved it.  Girl Scouting was a touch disappointing for us.  Camping required indoor bathrooms with running hot water.  Even though this was "camping lite" it was exactly what she thought camping was supposed to be. 

She helped pitch a tent, and slept in it.  She peeled potatoes with a knife, and cut them.  She "helped" with dishes…. (I think she actually mocked the boys doing dishes, but she used the word "helped").

Plus she helped build a "monkey bridge".  A monkey bridge is comprised of three ropes, one on which you perform a tight rope act, two to hold on to while you perform said tight rope act.  This particular one was built not for the purpose of crossing a vast gorge, but for simple and pure fun.  (Check out the kid in the foreground with the cowboy hat, I am entirely assured of the future on mankind knowing that little boys sometimes still pretend they are cowboys, and that older boys will call you cowboy, whether or not you have a horse.)

The bridge was built with much muscle…..

a little skill….

and some helpful onlookers 🙂

In the end there was this….

Right about the time the bridge was done, my camera batteries died.  This is good since I do not have to show you my duct taped tent, or the eventual grubbiness levels all happily reached.  But I can say, with authority, that it was a lovely time, that camp food IS better, even with charcoal flakes in it, that no campfire is a campfire without marshmallows and a tall tale or two, and that camping isn’t really camping unless you at least break out a tent. 


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