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Fall…. October 1, 2007

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It has been so busy at work and otherwise that fall has kind of crept up on me.  It seems just this morning driving to work I realized that it is actually fall.  At least the trees in my yard have enough decency to wait for some truly fall weather to put on some color.  I did actually accomplish a fall project this weekend, and I have a new wip to show…. (maybe, I was a bit brain dead this weekend to be following a chart 🙂 As it is I experienced my first moment of Christmas panic this morning….. so is the life of the crafty.  Welcome to the season eh??

I shall break out the camera tonight, since I am sure my evening will be consumed by baseball.  (Rockis, Padres, some big play off game, all around me have baseball fever) and will be back later. 


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