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Trivet…. October 2, 2007

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This weekend the kids got a touch crafty.  They broke out the perler beads, I just went for beads.  While at Grandma’s this summer, she pulled out a nifty beaded trivet.  Something about it caught my fancy, and I had to make one.  I wish I had taken a picture of hers, but like a dunce I just took notes, my notes must have been OK though, cause check it out…..

A nifty beaded trivet 🙂  Mine is smaller than the original, since I really had not realized how many beads it would take to produce one of these, but I quite like the size in the end.  As you can see our house has already taken on Halloween in full force.  So the fall colors are in…..

I have started an afghan, but I am currently so not sold on it.  I have my favorite afghan book from the library, so the start may just be ripped back for something I am sold on.  I also restarted a color work project from this summer.  When I originally saw the pattern for the Intricate Stag Bag I knew I must have it.  But feeling thrifty, I decided to get meself some lovely red heart to work it with.  Folks, color stranding with red heart?????? Not fun. Only I did not know the problem was the red heart, I thought it was me.  After a frog session, the pattern sat all by itself in the knitting bag, lonely and forlorn.  Then some lovely Ravelry dears informed me that really I ought to try some wool. 

I avoided it for a bit, but then finally found myself at Knitty Cat buying some Brown Sheep Nature Spun in sport weight.  Anyway, I admit I was skeptical at first that yarn could make such a big difference, but I am now convinced,  I will admit that the wool is working up MUCH nicer 🙂 

Red nails courtesy of DD.  I am not sure you can see it in the picture, but the red is overlaid with yellow glitter, very unique :-).

 I always have and always will encourage foolish fashion of the temporary nature.  Hair grows back, nails can be cleaned, clothes can be changed, and makeup washed away. 


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