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Giggles……… October 10, 2007

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Which for the record used to be my girl scout camp name……

BUT also something I do frequently. Usually to myself.  Usually because I am about to say something VERY mean, and rather than say it I bite my tongue and giggle.  But don’t ever take it wrong if I just quietly giggle around you, chances are I am thinking of something else, like something really mean I didn’t say earlier to someone else.

There do be some knitting here folks…. 

Even though my stag chooses to look right instead of left I am very pleased so far.  Granted there are some other pretty significant errors here, things I could do better, but I am betting no one will see them but me.  (and other knitters….. just keep your distance and all will be cool…..) Still for a first try at larger scale colorwork, and digestion of a lot of new concepts in knitting, (english and continental at ONCE???) (catching floats every few stitches??) I am thinking it is just fine 🙂

The homefront is dandy, and conferences are this week for both kiddos.  I think that it will be a good year.  Hubby and I have pretty lax standards in regards to school and performance.  As long as the kiddos behave relatively well, are not causing trouble for other kiddos, have some social concepts in their realm of existence and no D’s or F’s things are good.  I am skeptical of any who thinks grading schemes are an appropriate way to judge their children’s intelligence, diligence or any of those things they should represent.  I could get on a soapbox here…. but maybe I should save it till after conferences 🙂  I do however have issues with the public school system, and although I am of the firm belief the education is not nearly as dismal as some would lead you to believe, there are most assuredly areas for improvement.

DS called me out last night just to see the colors of the sky, so I would be remiss if I didn’t post a sunset picture.

I love a good show 🙂 (plus I am secretly gloating inside because my dead tree no longer graces the neighborhood skyline)


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