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Poodles and boobs…….. October 21, 2007

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Friday I did a little hanging out, I really needed it y’all.  It was my first knitting group and is was so nice.  I was always a little nervous to go to knitting groups, but we had a blast, and it was hard not to since we were knitting boobs.  They actually call it "knitty titty" 🙂

Anyhoo, why knit boobs?  Because some women lose theirs to breast cancer.  It has been discovered that the knitted boobs are moldable, realistic and comfortable.  Anyway, as charity knitting it is easy and quick.  I finished two of them. (not quite a set though as they are different sizes 🙂 These are mission falls wool, on knit on size 6 needles, one on size 8, since my gauge is REALLY close to the same for both, I think in the future I will need to do some serious thought about gauge.  Typically I pick gauge free projects.


After boob knitting I put some final finishing touches on a poodle skirt for my Niece, now if you ask me a poodle skirt for an almost 5 year old is ALLLL about the crinoline, so I didn’t shirk, I made a petticoat…look.. an upskirt (lol)


The only model the proper size in my house is male, so in order to not be a cruel mom all faces omitted from pictures 🙂

He is getting a hand knitted hat in the color of his choice for being a model for me, so I am not all that cruel….and just to end on a happy note:


A whole basketful of boobs 🙂


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