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One unoriginal hat and one plain scarf……. November 19, 2007

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So I happened to find a rather decent yarn on sale for .99 cents a skein.  2 skeins makes a decent scarf, 1 skein makes a decent hat….

Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist, check the Hobby Lobby ad as apparently it is on sale again this week 🙂

Nothing special, really, just a plain scarf knit in the diagonal.  Cast on three. Knit every row.  Increase in the first stitch of each row, keep going until it is about scarf width.  Increase 1 at the beginning of the next row, and decrease 1 at the end.  Does not matter what increase or decrease you use, just be consistent, I did the easiest knit front and back and k2tog. Next knit a straight row.  Keep doing increase/decrease rows alternating with plain knit rows until scarf is appropriate length. Close off the rectangle by doing a decrease at the beginning of each row.  until you are back to three and cast off. 

See I told you Easy.  Since I wanted a hat to match, the Unoriginal hat by the Yarn Harlot made its debut and it seemed PERFECT. Well, it was. 

I actually had the joy of hearing teenagers squeal over this set, and how Ccuuuuttteee it is, so I am satisfied it will sell at the craft sale at DS’s school, but really worried that plain and unoriginal is what it took to get responses from the teen girl sector. 


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