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IT and the ongoing struggle with IT…… November 20, 2007

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IT is that feeling that if you needed to you could, with a few simple craft supplies located throughout the house, make the most unbelievable gifts for everyone on your list, not just an unbelievable gift, but a perfect one.  IT is a lie.  You know this, you know you must pick two or three and make special things for those two or three. But some little part of your brain REFUSES to believe this.  THAT part of your brain believes it can make and afghan in an hour.  Yeah, the STUPID part.  Well in an effort to trump the stupid part, I am posting a …. GAASP Christmas present.  Mostly cause I think the person who will receive it is UNLIKELY to visit the blog.  So I trump the stupid part with the post as now I have to be accountable and finish, other people have actually seen said project, and I also get to bring out the unusually cruel part of my brain…. see looky what I am making and it is NOT for you……..

So in response to said cruelty, the proper response is to frequently ask me how the afghan is going, to shake you head dismally and let me know there is NO way I will finish by Christmas and to basically make me think of this thing constantly until it is done. 

Anyhoo, I am 5 days into the actual knitting and it is 1/4 of the way done, so I am cautiously optimistic this could work, barring any cases of startitis.  If it doesn’t work, the deal is OFF, I have until a birthday to finish it, and you are SO not allowed to say anything at all about it.  


BTW on my monitor the color is pretty true to life, it is a rose color that is really a coral pink color, that is well….. it will be nice and feminine when it is done. 

Oh and how do you all feel about fringed afghans?? Is fringe passe?? Does it add something to the afghan?? I just cannot decide.


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