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Back to work….. November 26, 2007

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Sigh.  Four days can be an AWFUL long time 🙂 I was truly getting into the sleep-in mentality.

Thanksgiving was nice, of course it is always nice…. my sister was a first time hostess this year, and she did wonderfully 🙂 Of course the biggest requirement for Thanksgiving in a big family is to make sure there is a separate room for the kids to hang out in, so the grownups can gossip……. All in all it was uneventful….

I have been knitting away at the giant afghan, with most definite progress… I like it so far, but question whether it will block out as I hope it will…. it may not, but it will be nice under any circumstances.  As it is I am halfway done in two weeks of knitting, so with ultra devotion, I should be able to finish it in two more weeks…leaving two full weeks of misc. knitting left.  Yes, that is the psycho in me talking.  Hubby actually asked last night if I had a back up plan 🙂 OF COURSE I have a back up plan…..I just don’t intend on using it!

DD is most assuredly reaching the illogical age.  This is where no matter what she is right and I am evil.  I took a shower this morning, only to hear a knock on the door about halfway through, DD wanted to know if I was done yet so she could take a shower and get ready for school.  Um, no I am not ready, I am not even dressed!  She stomped off in a huff…. Now IF we only had one bathroom, and IF I was depriving her of bathroom use due to my selfish need to clean up to go to work, or IF it took me three hours to get ready…..BUT we have TWO bathrooms, both with similar amenities, my regular routine includes deodorant, a hair brushing and a tooth brushing, I don’t even use a blow dryer, my hair air dries! I can get ready in 15 minutes INCLUDING the shower.  I am sure I ruined her day.  I think she must have gone back to bed because I escaped the house before I heard her in the shower which means I will soon hear about it.

We did put the Christmas trees up, and the trappings are out, which is like an instant hyper pill for boy.  We finally gave in and bought him the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer DVD, I fear it will get worn out.  We have an action figure set of all the main characters, that in years past served as a nice decoration, this year, it is all action and no decoration, and his new favorite toy.   Right now there is a single present under the tree, and it too has become a toy, DD and DS played hide the package for quite some time last night, and at this point, all I can say is that the time between now and the actual day is going to be very interesting indeed.


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