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Whut?? No Tee vee??? December 4, 2007

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Yeah, No T.V.  I really haven’t got an opinion on the writer’s strike (until it applies to books I am OK!) But I do miss me some good TV already.   Seriously Clash of the Choirs is NOT what I look forward to knitting to.  It also makes me wonder how much money they paid for that concept.   

I am still knitting away on the afghan.  The never ending afghan I really want to knit or sew or make something else I can have done yesterday so at least there is something done only I can’t cause I am knitting on this afghan.  BUT the afghan WILL be done.  I could cast off tonight, except that I am a generous knitter of the mindless afghan and intend to have it at least neck length, but even if I knit no more I will have a presentable afghan.

Been thinking about what to knit AFTER Christmas, and I need more socks.  (Anyone looking to get me a Christmas gift?  Sock yarn.  Really… No I WANT sock yarn and you would be the coolest gifter ever!!!! Any color…..I like em ALLLLLLL)

I have yarn for a sweater for me, if I can get my hands on the patten I want, if not, there are others 🙂 I just have to seek them out.  I am beginning to see that this knitting thing could get WAY out of hand. 

I think we are on track for Christmas, at least as on track as it is possible for us to be!! Clearly we have not done all our shopping.  But we have done some 🙂  I think I have been lulled into a false sense of security because Thanksgiving was so darn early this year.  I expect I will be frantic around midweek next week, it should hit me by then! 

The kids are the kids, we still have an over abundance of energy in our home… which is sometimes very fun, but worn out little ones can be …not fun…. as well. 

 I finally took the snapshot to go in the Christmas cards….. so just for giggles…..

This will not be the picture in your card.


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