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Snow….. December 10, 2007

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I don’t think I ever really realized as a kid how many kinds of snow there are.  As a kid it was either snowman and snowball snow, or not.  Really, what fun was snow that couldn’t be packed into whatever we wanted???

The best snow to play in is still the packing kind, but recently I have discovered my favorite snow of all… glitter snow. 


This image is part of a bigger rather boring snow picture, but I took the picture because the snow was literally twinkling at me.  This is utterly non photoshopped, just blown up from the picture below, but I was so in awe as we drove around shopping yesterday I just kept staring at the glittering snow.  (See the star twinkle in the bottom corner… really it was there!!!)  I know for a fact that the twinkly snow was in fact snowman snow…(although packing ruined the twinkly).  But glittery and packable…this is the kind of snow I want from now on!!!


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