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5 minutes peace….. December 24, 2007

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I guess I didn’t over commit on the Christmas knitting because it is all done….

Everything is cooked, wrapped, packed, ready to go, there is just me and the kids hanging out in what should be 5 minutes worth of peace, except for the five year old who’s excitement is boisterous and over the top, and perhaps a bit noisy to be considered peaceful 🙂

I think that considering how busy and overwhelming the next couple of days will be I just very, very content to have my almost  5 minutes of peace.

Last night I stash dived and came up with some sock yarn for some pomatomus socks, they will likely be the busiest socks EVER, but it is nice to start a project with no deadline. 

I am thinking I will need to actually set some finishing goals for next year as my list of projects that I want to start has become longer, but that is partially because  I am finding a lot less fear in the casting on these days.  If it isn’t what I want, I just rip it back (and I am getting better at that too for the record).

So in my 5 minutes of peace, I just want to wish you all 5 minutes of peace, and a very merry Christmas.


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