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Brand new spankin’ shiny year….. January 2, 2008

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And I am back to the grind 🙂 It is a slow day at work, so I am taking advantage of the time to clean up after so many not-so-slow days… weeks….months…..

I haven’t even though about resolutions or any nonesuch, I just don’t get them.  I mean if I decide I need to lose weight, what is so magical about New Years that waiting till that day will make any difference?  Why not just start when the thought occurs to you??   Now I am not by any STRETCH of the imagination sayin’ that I accomplish things just like that, but I don’t accomplish them by saying I will at the beginning of a new year either.  That said, I usually have some sort of goals, and I have been known to state them at the beginning of the year, but this year I really can’t say I have any to state… unless getting my kids to eat more veggies counts 🙂

WAIT!!! I thought of one!! To remember to write the year 2008 on things rather than 2007 before February! < I guess I could probably put this one on every year, but I have always scoffed at those who resolve to do things they will never do every year.

Oddly enough I have no great retrospective on the past year either, it was a very nice year, with lots of little nice day to day things that added up to being almost ideal overall.  Boy is a preschooler, now really, no kid can mess up preschool, and mine is doing quite well at it this year….so how can you NOT like that?  Girl is…well….girl. At 13 she is perfect in her own mind.  Thirteen will never be the age of paradise… I take that into account when I say that things are still pretty OK, and with thirteen, pretty OK is a good thing.

All in all, may it suffice to say, that having lived through yet another year, I look forward to the new one.

So if you are unfortunate enough to be at such a loss of blog feeds that you have found your way to mine today….

Happy new year, may you craft in relative peace and happiness!


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