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Moving…. January 8, 2008

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After much internal debate, I have decided to finally move the Blog.  MSN Spaces is a lovely friendly place for me to publish, but it is not very reader friendly. Part of the point of blogging (for us knitters anyway) is to be a part of the knit blog community.  It is very hard to be a part of a community when the publishing software you use makes things difficult for others. 

For anyone who followed me he here I offer an amusing tale of why I am not allowed to stay home alone:

Used to be stove burner cover...

This used to be a burner cover.  Um….used to be.  Yesterday when putting on water for tea, I took the burner cover off of the front burner, and stacked it over the back burner cover.  Later as I am sitting at the table wondering why the heck my teapot is not whistleing yet, DD arrives to ask me what the heck I am cooking because the house really stinks… brain finally leaps into action and realizes I have the WRONG burner on!  After some pretty interesting gymnastics with tongs and hot pads, the correct burner was turned on and I was stuck with the evidence. 

When hubby got home, I explained what I did, he gently offered to go grab the other set of burner covers, only to find that two of them are a burnt match to this set.  I am left to decide whether burner covers are a good idea or a bad one…….but I have been spared twice from burning the house down, and this just adds to my paranoia about appliances being left on when you are not there to watch them…..

In other news there has been actual knitting! AND sewing, AND creative pattern printing…..As long as I have been kntting on dpns, I have always just tossed the project into whatever bag I have.  Since these items are usually small and compact this has been no problem, except that little dpns LOVE to get hooked on everything.  So I find all these cute instructions for little sock pouches and now I MUST have one!!
sock bag

Once I had one, I realized I still had a problem.  I had an adorable little sock bag and an 8.5 x 11 pattern.  My current sock is a Pomatomus, and I can pretty much guarantee that I will be making more of these, so I decided to do some creative pattern formatting…

Pomatomus Pattern

I pasted the pattern onto the 3×5 template in word and then laminated the little cards, a rivet and a split ring, and now I have a totally portable project that can be quickly moved from bag to bag….

sock bag with stuff

I wouldn’t work this hard for a pattern I intended to use just once, but for patterns that will probably see some revisitation…..totally worth the work!


5 Responses to “Moving….”

  1. lyda Says:

    Ooohhh! Pretty!! Must have sock bag pattern! Where can I find it??

    And I changed the link on our blog to head straight to your new blog home, so no one gets lost along the way.

  2. annaliza Says:

    Oh, excellent! That is a wonderful idea for patterns you want to use several times, and the sock bag is adorable! Now, how to talk Darlin’ K around to the idea that we need a laminator …

    Love your new place. Very nicely decorated!

  3. mintlatte Says:

    WOO HOO, I got comments 🙂
    Anyway… thanks guys!
    I think I will put up a tute for the pouch soon as mine is really a lot simpler than a lot of others out there…..

    I actually really want a laminator….I used some iron on lamination stuff I had laying around, but next time I do a pattern like that, I will be at Kinko’s!! It will look a LOT neater that way…..

  4. lyda Says:

    Cool! First in line for your tute… (wait, that sounds… odd…)

  5. Mom Says:

    I really liked the sock bag. You can’t have too many projects loose or they become a whole new subject. As for the burner covers. Some high heat spray paint.

    Like the new site.

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