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Shaving Pigs…. January 16, 2008

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Part of the joy of having kids is trying to understand your children.  When it comes to television viewing, my choices can be considered… boring.  I watch a lot of Discovery and Animal Planet and even Court TV (Now TruTV, but I refuse to call it that!!)

Recently, my son and I saw a show featuring razorbacks… after a series of questions, I chose the easiest explanation…. A razorback is a type of pig.  At least a week later, during play, the child asks about the shaving pigs.  I am ashamed to say, dear hubby had to rescue me and explain that the child was referring to razorbacks.  Sigh.  I am beyond kissing the pig, I am shaving it. Take that however you want.

Sad to say I spent all last weekend sick, first just mildly annoyed with everything, which moved into running a fever and achy pain.  So I did nothing crafty.  Really just nothing.  No knitting.  No sewing, not even a little bit of crochet.  (I did pet yarn maybe once or twice, but nothing came of it…)

I did do a little science experiment with the kiddos…. Hubby, kiddles and I all went out front.  We used a Geyser Tube, and created a very, very tall fountain of soda.  It was explosive, messy and dreadfully fun.  And if the video I took was not entirely populated with my wicked weird laughter I would post it.  After said explosiveness, I had a perfect timing moment, I walk in the house, and dear daughter has filled her mouth with Pepsi…. and she has a Mentos in her hand.  I have the camera in my hand,  and now the moment my daughters head did not explode is saved for posterity.  (also my cluttered kitchen, but I know y’all will POLITELY ignore that eh???????)

Mentos Girl

Yes, I did laugh.  A Lot.  Yes, she did clean the kitchen.  A Lot.  Just to solidify the brilliance of teenage logic, she did think her head “might” explode…..


How’s about to distract from my brilliant prodigy, I show you a finished sock? One pomatomus down, one to go…..

one sock done 


2 Responses to “Shaving Pigs….”

  1. lyda Says:

    Heh. Shaving pigs and spewing Pepsi. You made me laugh out loud.

    Thanks. I needed that.

  2. Anna-Liza Says:

    Hm, maybe Pomatomous is the pattern I’m looking for …

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