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Absent Time….. January 25, 2008

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You know I am always shocked when I look at the blog and realize that almost a week, or more than a week, or some other unspecified amount of time has flown by.  On the one hand, I kind of know it has been a few days, on the other I am left to wonder what happened to those days??

I do know that I am suffering and early and severe battle with spring fever.  Yes, already.  It is frickin’ cold here, and frankly I am tired of the cold.  For so many of the winters I remember, there were days when I had to throw open the windows to get some fresh air, and enjoy the balmy weather. Not every day, but enough in between the cold that it didn’t seem so …. cold.  You couldn’t pay me to open a window this winter.  I don’t even want to open the door long enough to let the dogs out.  I know Colorado is supposed to be cold, but  that was just a myth we spread to keep people away!! 

But the cold has me pulling out winter wear I have not seen for years.  I own coat, I own gloves,  I own a hat.  well actually I owned several of all of the above, but I have children.  After snow-melts hubby and I actually have to go through the yard to collect a variety of abandoned winter wear.  We are not sure what makes our children head out into the snow fully dressed only to come back in marginally clothed. We are not sure we want to know.  Nevertheless this habit can be mighty draining to the winter wear collection, especially when the snow WON’T MELT!!!!  Anyway, what it all boils down to is that my ears were getting cold in the morning, and I was becoming unpleasant because of it.

Due to the immediate nature of the cold I picked a familiar easy pattern knit in a good bulky weight yarn to keep it quick.  I now have a hat 🙂  

unoriginal hat

You may recognize it as the Yarn Harlot’s unoriginal hat, in my favorite affordable woolly blend – Mosaic Twist.  I really need to dream up some matching mittens, but the thing about matching is that it draws the attention of the teenage daughter.  Teenage daughter squirrels away my matching things (like socks, I find all my matching socks on her feet, and only single homeless socks in my drawers). Thankfully teenage daughter is tiny.  She cannot wear my clothes.  It is only a matter of one shoe size before I am barefoot though, and I think my cute flip flops may already be in danger when if summer arrives. 


2 Responses to “Absent Time…..”

  1. Anna-Liza Says:

    Yeah, Knitting Sprite went through a phase like that. Luckily for me, she outgrew my clothes before too much damage was done!

    Cute hat!

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