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Over a week….. February 4, 2008

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Setting new records for absolute blog ignorance daily !!!!


I must get this out of my system or I will be unbearable.  I love Eli Manning and I am so glad the Giants won….I have ALWAYS said he was good, and that you really can not judge a quarterback right away, I believe good quarterbacks are born, great ones have experience….. I am willing to bet that while this may be his first, it won’t be his last.

 Ok, now that is done…. I can tell you MORE exciting stuff (of course if you define exciting differently than I do, I really don’t want to hear about it)! The Denver Creative Festival was this weekend… if you are unfamiliar, it is a venue where vendors booth up and sell their products.  Products vary from the newest gadgets and notions to the latest and greatest materials, patterns, etc.  So yeah, if you have any craft or creative hobby, and you don’t find a way to spend a single dime, well….there are some things that shouldn’t be said.

Anyway, if that weren’t cool enough I got to meet a fellow blogger (again) Anna-Liza and I met for the first time when the Yarn Harlot came to speak in April of 07.  Since then I have not only stalked her blog, but I have stalked her friends 🙂  So we met up at lunch time and gossiped briefly over the our favorite websites….and what is next to knit.  It was delightful to meet again, and I hope one day when the kids outgrow the need to cling to my legs, I may be able to go to knit groups and see more of the people I meet so infrequently these days. 

I also did some stash enhancement.  This company was there, and I bought some beautiful light coppery fall tones variegated in a lace weight so I can really jump in over my head.  No pictures yet….

In knitting news I am slowly slowly kicking out a second pomotamus, I think I have second sock syndrome…. But am QUICKLY (one down 1/2 to go) making myself a pair of felted clogs, I so loved the pair I knit for sil, and it was practically tragic to give them up, so hopefully and FO, soon!  And I actually have a FO, granted a really basic FO, but still… I decided to make a washcloth for mom for her b-day, and the only way to gift a washcloth is with cool soap, so voila 🙂


Knit with Sugar’n Cream self striping, I am SOOOO in love with self striping. 

In sewing news, I have made the sloppiest looking lunch-bag on the planet, but it is perfect for schlepping my lunch in, and I will never lose it!  

ugly lunch bag

Basically I just made a pattern from the paper bag I used until it died and although it could be prettier, it isn’t.  I am also sure it would take some pretty large cajones to steal a lunch in a bag like this 🙂

Soon:  The latest and greatest from vogue and a total rant.


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