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Snowplows…. February 5, 2008

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Plowed Road
This morning, I drove all the way to work in this. The funny thing is that I was assured by various radio personalities and c-dot spokespeople that all the main roads had been plowed. Now there is a slight chance that I never take a main road, or that I have misunderstood the word plowed. It may be that snow has a new double meaning, and I am just uninformed on the nuances of our language.
As of now my list of complete and total liars is as follows:
1. Weather people.
2. people who say the roads have been plowed.
3. Traffic reporters.

Oh and HAPPY SUPER TUESDAY everyone!!! If you don’t play now, you can’t gripe later 🙂


One Response to “Snowplows….”

  1. I ran into that same situation several times that day. Unfortunately, when C-dot says major roads have been plowed, that only means the ones the state is responsible for, not the ones in various city/county jurisdictions. Roads in Aurora were good, roads in Denver…not so much.

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