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Valentines…… February 15, 2008

Filed under: Life — mintlatte @ 8:24 am

Look, I have my own personal Cupid 🙂

personal cupid

This was his first school valentines day, you know, when it is still fun and everyone gets stuff, and you get to make a neat bag…..

valentine bag

So to him it was a pretty darn cool day.  DD had more haul than any thirteen year old has a right to have, and she is not locked in her room today because most of it was from girlfriends, although there was perhaps one small chocolate rose from a boy………I am waiting to see whether she eats that one first or last or just saves it. If she saves it the room locking is an option.

And me…. little old me??? I got a dozen red roses….that I won in the VD raffle from work.  roseActually I would have been a bit upset with hubby if he spent money on a dozen red roses (I like CHEAP flowers) but it is nice to have them 🙂


One Response to “Valentines……”

  1. lyda Says:

    He’s so adorable! Sounds like a good V Day all around.

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