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Long weeks….. February 21, 2008

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So it is Thursday and I swear, not much has gone right this week…. nothing tragic or anything like that, just a chain of small mixups.

One of my co-workers that I have worked with for like 4 years now is leaving for “greener pastures”… at least he hopes.  It is one of those big time career moves for him, so I know he is nervous…. the leaving really creates a LOT of changes in the dynamics of our group, so that has been exciting to say the least. 

I haven’t done ANY knitting AT ALL.  Really.  I mean I have cast on for like five different things, then ripped it off the needles and  rewound the yarn.  I am not sure what my deal is.  Maybe it is just a symptom of the wrongness of the week. 

I just got an email from the library saying that two books I have been waiting for are in, so I think I shall read and not knit over the weekend. With nice weather (so that the kids are running with the neighborhood tribe) I could probably knock out both  books, then maybe by Monday the right project will present itself….. I definately have my eye on lace patterns right now, although I really need to cast on a mindless knit for myself…..sigh.  The joy of indecision.


2 Responses to “Long weeks…..”

  1. annaliza Says:

    We’ve all been taking turns being sick. I got it first this time, three days in bed with a fever and a week and a half later I’m still tired! Then the boys got it, too–one at a time, so as to drag it all out longer. I’ve not been blogging or knitting or even reading much. (sigh)

  2. LaDonna Says:

    It’s been an off week for me, too. I don’t know if you’re into astrology or not, but the lunar eclipse we had last week is to blame.

    I have a scarf I’m trying to start that’s been ripped off the needles at least a dozen times. I got myself that pattern yesterday for clogs that you blogged about and I really want to do those, but promised myself I wouldn’t start them until my other three projects are done.

    Hope everything at work evens out. I had a coworker leave for green pastures last October and things went to utter crap afterwards. So much so that I really hate going to work there now. I’m pretty sure that soon I’ll be looking for greener pastures of my own.

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