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Mondays and sick kids….. February 25, 2008

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Well, it is Monday, boy was sick all weekend and is just now beginning to feel better….. I did read a couple of books this eekend, both were nice in their own way, but neither one worth writing a diatribe about especially when I am sure someone somewhere already has.  Maybe if I weren’t so tired myself I would have stronger feelings about that 🙂

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld, basic juvenile fiction – it is good to read what the kids are reading sometimes. Also finally got a hold of T is for Trespass from Sue Grafton, the alphabet murders is still one of my favorite series.

Work is such a total drag I find myself fighting it right now, there are so many people in personal turmoil around me it is making me crazy.. divorces, kid stuff, you name it…. oddly enough the work environment I am in means I can not escape it, and normally I don’t mind being a group mom, but right now with so much else going on it is a bit much. 

The best news of the day is that today will be my final building allergy shot, so I will finally be at the highest dose, and can stop getting shots on a weekly basis and start getting them monthly!! It isn’t really the shot part that gets me, it is the co-payment, me and my budget will be WAY happier on one shot a month, I am even flirting with signing up for Weight Watchers again, but am wondering if I can pull that dough from my flex spending account……

 Despite my whining I am feeling pretty good, the weather is finally better, and that alone is such a spirit lifter….. I am already getting excited about a couple of projects and the creative juices are once again nudging there way into the front of my brain…… so until next time y’all 🙂


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