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Since tomorrow doesn’t really exist…. February 28, 2008

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OK, this leap year stuff is kind of crazy.  I have this imaginary scene where the guy who made up our ridiculous calendar is standing up in the front of the room trying to explain it all, and there is the jerk in the back who keeps throwing out questions….”you didn’t perhaps notice that it doesn’t work”…”What?!?” says the poor guy up front….

“um” says our jerk ” it doesn’t work….mathematically…you know it doesn’t all add up to a year…?”

Our poor calendar inventor is forced to stand up front and try to explain it all again even though his mathematical error is glaringly obvious now.  In the end the room makes up all the stupid leap year rules, the committee gets all the credit, and somehow gets named after the jerk…..Gregory.

So while my version is fictionalized (entirely, the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian calendar precisely because things didn’t add up)  I am sure the only reason Gregory gets all the credit is that whole pope thing though….which might or might not exempt him from jerkhood, Popes and the historical content of popedom may open up some questions in regards to potential jerkhood thing.   Anyhoo if you think all that is riveting, you should hear my daylight savings theory……

I spent the majority of the weekend and a good part of the week with a sick kiddo at home, finally he is feeling better… last night it turns out he could have DIED…(according to him). Why all this death talk? No Doritos in the house.  Seriously.  Fortunately, I had to make a trip to the store anyway…so Doritos were procured, and no death occurred.  Once my children are safely back in drama-ville, I feel much better about their health. 

I still haven’t settled into any knitting…..I will probably have progress on something on Sunday…. Saturday is supposed to be a beautiful day out here, almost 70 degrees, and sunny and I NEED a day like that… the last one I was supposed to get got preempted by an early storm and a sick kid, and Sunday the cold rolls in again…. the only problem is that this would be according to the weatherman, and since we already know that weather-people are liars…well…you get the gist.   Either I will be indoors cleaning and knitting all weekend or I will be indoors HALF the weekend, or the liars are really trying to be tricky and I will be outdoors all weekend.  See how those lying fiends mess up plans? 

So, tomorrow enjoy the mathematical remnants of the last four years presented in whole and as a day by Pope Gregory XIII 🙂


One Response to “Since tomorrow doesn’t really exist….”

  1. Anna-Liza Says:

    We’ve got two birthday parties, a babysitting trade with friends (our turn to babysit), and Darlin’ K has a snowboarding day on Saturday. So I hope they aren’t lying about the weather–I need me some sunshine!

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