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March…. March 3, 2008

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It is the first Monday in March, and I have got to tell you it feels very strange dating things March already… seems like if I blink I will be writing December on things…..

The weekend was a touch like the weatherman predicted….Saturday was AMAZING and WONDERFUL and NICE…. I took DD out shopping, an experience to say the least, but our shopping trip was pretty successful, and it was so nice driving around with the windows down!  We had a car picnic, and I ordered yarn at The Cottage Yarn to make a flutter sleeve cardigan…..a nice kind of lavender grey color that for some reason I loved instantly.  I didn’t go with the recommended yarn, but am subbing a beautiful cotton acrylic blend…easier on the wallet :0)  I really liked this sweater when I first saw it, something about it just sucked me in… then I read a lot about how people DIDN’T like it, in fact some thought it was AWFUL, I know I shouldn’t care what others think, but I have found with this knitting stuff, sometimes it is good to listen to the voice of experience, so I had doubts….THEN I saw it on  the knitting daily models, and I pretty much decided that this was going to be my next project.  Yarn is ordered (which is good, Maybe I will actually finish something a second pomotomus in between) and I am a happy camper!

I do have knitting – very happy knitting – I made a ballband dishcloth, brought to fame in part by the lovely ladies of  Mason Dixon Knitting.  I like making dishcloths, although I am not sure why, and I love cotton yarn – this is like the supreme dishcloth pattern though!  I held off making them because I had seen pictures where they looked like they were kind of scrunchy and wouldn’t lay flat, and I was a little worried about making an ugly dishcloth….no need to have worried….

ballband dishcloth

Barney the dishcloth is already working hard in my kitchen… and will have an opposite twin soon.  I really think it is a little sick how much I love this dishcloth.  Indoors it looks like wine and forest green, out in the park where it was cast off and photographed, it is totally Barney the Dinosaur Purple and Green.  I have got to get me an Ott light!!

As of now I am offering no account of Sunday.  It snowed. Lots. ’nuff said.

But how about one last Saturday picture to end things on a high note….

boy at park


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