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Lovely…thanks…. March 6, 2008

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I really think perhaps sarcasm doesn’t work in a title.  Read it again only sarcastically to make me feel better eh?

Thursday is just turning out to be an entirely uncooperative day.  Boy suffered the onset of nightmares last night, which brought him and a herd of stuffed animals crawling into my bed at ridiculous:30 am, fortunately he did decide to sleep after the moving process was complete.. so there is that. 

Walked outside this morning to a less than delightful burst of COLD, the kind of cold that freezes your nose hairs and makes you want to turn around and go right back to bed.  The sun is shining though, so I have hopes that it will warm up a *little*.

Anyway the only thing that really wants to make me whine today is the fact that I have been calling a bazillion people to get some work stuff finalized and NO ONE CALLS BACK, or they have to call 50 people to get answers… essentially I am thinking that if the day keeps on this way I will have worked my hiney off, all day long, and accomplished NOTHING.  I am shocked that anything EVER reaches construction stage without an architect or an engineer somewhere keeling over (having been poisoned by an architect or engineer, or possibly just the guy doing the estimate).  Anyway, since it is clear I will be spending the day on endless hold, I figured it was best to put the lovely hold music on speaker and share the love with the whole office 🙂

On a brighter note, I just got an email about a sale at a yarn store, close to work, but far away from home.. the sale starts today, and they open at lunch time.  So I plan on fully consoling myself over lunch.

If any yarn happens to jump into my hands, y’all will be the first to know 🙂


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  1. annaliza Says:

    Tagged you for a silly meme. You’re it! Ignore it if you prefer.

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