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Good Morning :-) March 18, 2008

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Yeah, it’s pretty clear I am a blog slacker…no need to rub it in. As you could probably tell from my last post, me and life just weren’t getting along there for a bit, we have made peace with each other for the time being, but I really must beg life to be a touch more reasonable.  Clearly life has let all his power go to his head…but you didn’t hear me say it……

Me and Steve Jobs though? we have issues.  Some time ago I bought a shuffle, one of those cute little ipod clippy MP3 players, and we had a real fling, me and the shuffle.   But then something happened.  Something that almost tore us apart for good.  The dock came between us.  I tossed the little dock into my morning bag as always one morning.  When I got to work I pulled out the dock with the intent of loading a couple new knitting podcasts and I discovered to my horror that the prong had BENT.

broken shuffle dock

And yes, I did try to bend it back before I got to the desperate step of taking it apart…..

Once it was apart though, I decided that perhaps apple design is not all they say it is.  You can’t see it well from this picture, but the prong being at a 90 degree angle to the body of the charger is design flaw number one.  I am not sure there is plastic tough enough to hold that thing at that angle and survive day to day rough treatment of other chargers.  Granted Apple may not have intended it to withstand such day to day use, but shouldn’t they have told us that?

Second all the wires between the board and the little prong are HAIR THIN, and have NO SLACK, so that when the prong is displaced the chance of the wire surviving intact are slim to none.    

For what it was worth, I did visit the Apple store online with the intention of purchasing another dock, but a new dock was $30.00 and a new shuffle only $45.00! Then to add insult to injury, I found the dock had overwhelmingly negative reviews at the Apple store!!

So, my five year old now has a shuffle of his own because I refuse to pay $30.00 for a dock.  We are sharing the dock it came with, he is loving his shuffle, and I found an aftermarket source for a better designed dock, WAY cheaper.  Gotta love technology.  But knowing about the overwhelmingly negative reviews of the dock I wonder, why has the guru of design not addressed them?  Why is there no alternate charger design? sigh. Trust not the so called wizards of technology, for they are naught but frauds.

 Anyway, last time I left you I was headed to a yarn store where there was a sale, and I did indeed indulge!

  cascade 220 heather purple 

Currently this is slated to be a dollar and a half cardigan, but I really am afraid I will have to swatch before starting, I am learning disturbing things about my gauge as of late…… 

Anyway, enough of my babbling today, tomorrow a meme, and a FO, actually the FO would have been today but no decent picture yet!!


2 Responses to “Good Morning :-)”

  1. Anna-Liza Says:

    Ooo, that cardigan is on my list! I’ll be following your progress with great interest …

  2. Anna-Liza Says:

    Oh, forgot to mention–why don’t they make a dock with a folding prong? It works so well in the animal kingdom!

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