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Megapost…… March 23, 2008

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OK, so there has been some serious knitting!!!

First there was this……

Clapotis 1

clapotis 2

Yes, apparently if every other knitter jumped off a bridge…well maybe not that, but I did come late to the Clapotis party, and I have to say, I DID love knitting it!! Made in just 8 days it is my all time favorite now, since it is a scarf and a wrap and a mini blanket for a cold movie theater…… If I had known how much I would love this thing I would have made one a long time ago, as it is I bought a couple skeins too many for this one, they may go back to Michaels for another color so I can have two.  This particular one is made from good ole Patons classic Merino in what is one of my all time favorite colorways as it goes with practically EVERYTHING I wear, there is red, brown, purple, black and blue in this jumble of colors, and somehow they made it look amazing.  This is a TV knit so if you are looking for challenging, or exciting look elsewhere, the only satisfaction you get from this in terms of something different is dropping those stitches every twelve rows.  For me it was satisfaction enough.  If you are considering your own Clapotis, may I warn you that classic merino is sticky, so you will have to work to drop the stitches, but I found it so well worth it!!

But wait…that’s not all for tuning in today you also get a peek at this delightful trio….

dishcloth, knit

two ball band dishcloths and one garter stripe bias knit dishcloth from peaches and creme, red and light blue..Something about these dishcloths is just…addictive, they are like dishcloth crack…. anyway, this set is going to grandma, she is the only person I know without a dishwasher, and I think she might appreciate them.

Oh and just in case you are still here… how about some eggs?    Every year I fall for some gimmicky egg dye kit, some are good, most are busts….funny thing is Mom bought this one, but it is the exact one I was planning on buying….which just goes to show you I am at least not alone in my egg dye love 🙂

egg kit

Now check out our eggs…..

eggs….see how they sparkle just like in the picture?  Yup, after all the years of getting egg breaking disaster kits, or mess making disaster kits, or ugly eggs kits, this one was a winner, not very messy, and nice results.  Like most dye the pink and purple dyed the fastest, so even though my dye helpers this year were both boys, I still ended up with a high percentage of pink and purple eggs.  To give credit where credit is due, virtually all of these were dyed by the boy method of dip it in and take it out 🙂 I finally broke out the crayons just to slow them down, but still two dozen eggs dyed up in about two minutes!!

AND just in case you are still here, we went to the movies today as a family of four for the FIRST TIME EVER.  Horton Hears a Who, a very cute funny movie, that perhaps I read a little much into, but still kind had a touch deeper meaning, all in all a nice movie, and a good first for all of us together.  Now we know boy can sit through a movie, so it might be a little more regular that once every five years 😉

Hopw all are having a happy Easter 🙂



One Response to “Megapost……”

  1. The Clapotis came out lovely! I’ve been wanting to make one of those, as well. Nice job!

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