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Still not dead….. May 28, 2008

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just playing possum. 

I can’t believe it has been over a month since my last post, in fact, I seem to be pushing two months…. the reasons are many and varied, but I have at least had the courtesy to knit a couple of things… 🙂

It has also been a pretty event filled two months.  DS had his last day of preschool yesterday…..hubby took a picture of him on his way out the door to school, and though there really isn’t anything special about the photo, there is just something about the meaning of it.  Thankfully his preschool isn’t into the “continuation ceremony” thing, they just had a nice field day, which seems like the proper way to round off a year.  Continuations are for parents, field days are about the kids 🙂

last day of preschool

DD is rounding off her school year this week, Thursday she had a pool party so we had to go swimsuit shopping.  How anyone can make a swimsuit that does not flatter a thirteen year old girl is beyond me, but there were lots of those.  After a long trying on session she finally settled on something that both DH and I agree can be worn in public, which I figure uses up all my luck for the year, so I won’t be playing the lottery.

Last week I got to spend a day at the spa, I didn’t think I was the type, but you know what?  I was wrong.  Everyone should spend at least one day of their life at the spa.  It was wonderfully relaxing and just plain nice.  I left calm, and relaxed and my skin felt great.   Five days later  I couldn’t tell you it had long term effects, but for the short term it was nice indeed. 

Work is still a touch on the hectic side.  I really long to go into a complete blent (blog vent) but I know in my heart of hearts that it is BAD to write things about work in a public place, so I just won’t do it, but you can bet your patooties if I could go into to it, it would make your brain bleed. 

AND FINALLY, the knitting (and maybe some sewing…)

pedicure socks

I finished a pair of pedicure socks, these are made with leftovers from my Clapotis, Patons classic merino….Mostly I made them because I am truly and deeply a Birkenstock girl.  Making the move to summer shoes here in Colorado can be difficult, it is downright chilly when I leave the house in the morning and riculuosly warm by the time I leave work in the evening, and depending on the fickle mood of the air conditioner at work, it ranges the extremes there, so I needed some socks to go with my flip flop style Birkenstocks. I am already looking to cast on a second pair, because these make it possible to wear my birkis and not freeze my feet.  Oddly enough I liken it to wrist warmer syndrome, even when my toes are hanging out they are still warmer with the socks……   


This little guy was knit for my niece who just turned one.  He is knit from plain old red heart classic, and considering that I have seen the abuse that can be doled out by a one year old, I am totally ok with the red heart 🙂 I hope that he gets lots of love, and like that even though the pattern says sheep, the FO says just about anything a one year old might want it to be….

OH and there was a little bit of sewing, DD had a birthday party, so I decided to make a gift, since all her friends seem to be into totes these days……

tote bag

She said her friend like geometric shapes and bright colors, and I really hope she does……

I was especially pleased with this one, as sewing for me is kind of a specialized thing, I can sew the heck out of any kind of bag you give me, I make GREAT bags.  Clothes…not so much.  My patience level in construction of bags is SO much better than if I am making anything else, and I don’t know why.  This one in particular I like because the bag, though simple, sized out exactly the way I wanted it to, hung at the length I wanted it to and just worked really well.. all with a self drafted pattern.  Even the details on this bag turned out pretty, the handles are even and the stitching looks good!  I really need to find a way to translate this to something other than bags, but at least I know that if I ever end up as a bag lady, I will have the best bags…….