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When Cancer takes over….

Gah. June 16, 2008

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I think it will be another week or so after this post, then hopefully things will steady out.

This week though I am in such a strange position.  I have to train a director.  My old boss moved to greener pastures, and now I have a new one.  How on earth do you train a director?   I have a few ideas, but mostly I think they are bad.  Really people I may be good at heart, it’s the mind I struggle with…

Oddly enough, no matter what I do I end up as the office mom… I often wonder why, as office moms go I am pretty crappy.  I do have a good ear and the ability to keep my mouth shut though, and I am pretty sure that is what is causing the problem.  Just keep your fingers crossed for me.  I have no worries about my job, but it would be nice if I could break the horse in gently. 

In other news, I leave for Kansas on Thursday.  Going back for a family reunion…. and kind of looking forward to it, although we could do without the flooding of last year.  I was a touch worried we would end up in a shelter for the night, and am rather thankful we didn’t thanks to dads stellar and stubborn navigation skills.  It was almost humorous how he always knew another way.  In a sense that sameness is kind of cool, dad hasn’t lived there for many years and things are still kind of the same, at least the roads and whatnot.  Navigating in Denver is like figuring out a constantly changing maze.  I worked in the tech center for about three years, then worked closer to home for five, going back to the tech center was like going to a part of town I had never been in before.  Five years now I have been here again, and still it takes some getting used to sometimes. 

Anyhoo, looking forward to Kansas, trying to figure out how to keep my daughter from adopting a farm kitten, as kittens there are bound to be….and looking forward to seeing everyone again, and seeing the green grass.  Odd how lovely green grass looks when you are used to yellow.

Hoping to catch up on my bloglines today, LOVING all the Estes stuff, especially since I sat it out again this year….  but that is another long story 🙂


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