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Toe-may-toes… August 15, 2008

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About a week ago I was in despair. Utter and complete despair. There were moments where I could feel my taste-buds dying a slow death, deprived of their last wish… desperate to soothe them I would head to the garden only to see:
Notice how the color is all wrong… my garden was FULL of these, and since we live in Colorado I was afraid that tomato season would come and go without a hint of red. Finally on Monday night, I found this:
100_2354Which was shortly followed up by this: 100_2362

If that weren’t enough, there was this: 100_2355
And these:

Plus the abundance of peppers, in two different varieties, carrots, beans, peas, radishes….I think that hubby and I may finally be figuring out gardening in Colorado.

And if… by some chance you had tomatoes weeks ago, I don’t want to know about it.


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