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Box bag drama… February 8, 2009

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Ok, so someone showed up at knit club with one of these bags, in an adorable sheep fabric.  The first thing out of my mouth was how I could make one of those….not only did I say it, but I meant it.  I loved that bag.  I suppose I could have ordered one, but let’s face it, I like my money a lot and I have a sewing room full of stuff that wants to be used!

So I hit the sewing room asap, and generated prototype number 1.

box bag attempt 1.

box bag attempt 1

So attempt one was wonky, but you have to remember I was working off of a 2-3 minute inspection of the bag and some dodgy ideas about how it might be constructed.  Still cute, tinier than I anticipated, but it will hold a sock in progress.

At this point in time I was pretty sure I was going to have to do some math, and for some reason most of the math was hitting me at about 4:00 am this morning. Eventually I gave up, wrote it all down and went back to sleep.

I thought I could live with this, but it turns out, I couldn’t.  I was compelled to go back to the sewing room… (the new awesome upstairs one that I haven;t told y’all about yet!)  There I decided to check my 4:00 am math – because if ANY math needs to be checked it is 4:00 am math – by sewing a cheesy muslin prototype.

Muslin version - attempt 2 and math check

Muslin version - attempt 2 and math check

This bad boy was more a way to check out my thought process and see if I could improve on my prior wonky version.  While making this one I got the genius idea to add a zipper pocket to the inside of the final version for notions.  It did at least confirm that my 4:00 am math was on track.

So, after all that, a final happy bag….

Final Happy Bag!

Final Happy Bag!

Inside zipper notion pocket!

Inside zipper notion pocket!

An a sock in progress inside..

An a sock in progress inside..

The sock in the bag (with heel!)

The sock in the bag (with heel!)


3 Responses to “Box bag drama…”

  1. Nancy G Says:

    Don’t suppose there’s any chance you would like to spare ME having to do the math, and share your “pattern” for the bag, is there? I also had the “I could do that, and for a lot less” thought when I saw those bags, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. (And I also have plenty of fabric, zippers, etc. with which to make them!)

    • mintlatte Says:

      Actually I was planning on doing a tutorial…. there are actually three viable ways to construct these things! With one being SIGNIFICANTLY easier on the brain…..

  2. Nancy G Says:

    Ooh, I’m all about the easier on the brain thing! Looking forward to your tutorial…

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