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Been a long time since a ….. August 19, 2009

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Yeah. So no apologies here.  I am guiltless blogger, blogging only when I feel the need. Right about now I am feeling awful needy.  I can’t help but feel that things at the day job are not going so hot – and it is things that are far beyond my control.  None the less I am bucking up and doing what I always do which is whatever work throws my way 🙂

Despite the work situation other things in my life are becoming VERY clear.  My daughter has been possessed by a psycho teenager.  Let’s face it  – the most important thing in the world right now is HER – in fact the entire frickin’ universe revolves around the status of her hair.  Sans the flavor of the moment (blue.  I just finished dying her hair blue.) there was no way she was going to start school.  Seriously.  Her little world would have crashed around her over blue hair.

Now I do remember the frantic feeling of a bad hair day way back when.  When my awesome wall o’ bang cut with the fiercely hairsprayed side slick back just didn’t work.  Days when my perms were too frizzy (I find it hard to believe there was such a thing as too frizzy and yet my perms always were too damn frizzy).  These days the fact that my hair is intact on my head is enough, I would go to work with bed head most days and it wouldn’t matter one whit.  So I find myself far removed from what she is experiencing right now – and yet am trying so hard to be properly sympathetic without losing sight of all the things that are important.

I have spent a lot of time reading lately, and it seems I have discovered  a lost love.  I have buried myself in books as though I have been starved for them for some time.  Any books, even the crazy trashy beach reads are holding me like they were high literature. Which means no book reviews from me.  Seriously a guilty pleasure is just that  – guilty. I will say that I did read pride prejudice and zombies – and I completely understand the hype.  Freakin’ awesomely crazy good and true to the original in some very bizarre ways.

And with that I leave you to wonder just how bad my taste truly is.  One thing I know is this – at least my hair isn’t blue 🙂


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