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Wow. Just Wow… August 25, 2009

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Kacey Girl

My Kacey girl is 15 today.  She just started High School yesterday.  When I left her at the school I longed to cry – or just drag her back into my arms and take her home, where I could protect her from the world at large.   I didn’t do either.  I just said goodbye and watched her walk off into the school that is basically her second home now.

All I can do now is trust her.  And I do.  She is smart and self aware – and I think she might even listen to her mother sometimes – for this she deserves some major teen points.  It isn’t always easy to listen to your parents.  But still my heart flutters just thinking bout what lies ahead for her.  I look at her and I see big dreams, all of them within her grasp.  I just hope I have it in me to support a big dreamer.  Big dreamers can be squashed by doubt, there will be plenty of people in her life who will doubt her, so it is my job to believe in her.  Every day that I see her work her way through the world it gets easier and easier to believe.

Silly Kacey – Your mom loves you and thinks you are brilliant.  Happy Birthday 🙂


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