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Back to school night…. August 26, 2009

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The public schools system of torturing parents everywhere.  If we replaced waterboarding with repetitive back to school nights I am sure that we could get something out of those terrorists!

For all those parents who are thinking I am a wack job right now, let me ask what have you really ever gotten from going to back to school night? Usually for me it is just a heads up for which teachers my children are likely to hate. As of last year I am 100% dead on with girl – I can always tell who she will get along with.

Now Boy is in elementary school – so back to school night has a function – free ice cream 🙂 Also boy likes to meet his teacher ahead of time and in elementary school back to school night is BEFORE they start school.  With DD it falls after the start date so things are set in motion already, I am powerless to do anything but sit and listen to the teachers tell me their rules, usually things I have already read and signed – so why go? At least I have a pretty good idea of when the shit is gonna hit the fan.

For all those curious about the crafty side of mintlatte’s crafty space – soon my friends I shall be posting an object of unspeakable horror.  I have been watching infomercials with my son – and we discovered something he couldn’t live without.  A quick scan of internetville awakened me to the fact that there was a pattern for this item… I think it is probably the worst thing I have ever made – right behind this crazy flight of reason…


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