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UFO to FO, Cathedral Rose Afghan… May 20, 2010

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So a long long time ago, in a galaxy far away I saw the ultimate afghan pattern. I figured I would never make one, but set about checking on the pattern anyway…you know…just in case. Well it turns out that the pattern was from an old Annie’s Attic book – long out of print. The problem here is that now not only was I liking the afghan, but it had been deemed unattainable – making it that much more interesting to me.  I began emailing Annie’s Attic and asking for a reprint. Using multiple email addresses so I would look like a lot of people (Sock Puppets’R’us) Anyhoo, whether my emailing worked or whether someone at Annie’s said “hey look, people are paying lots of money for this old book – maybe we should consider it….” I will never know.  But the unattainable FINALLY became attainable. < Now you can even download it, saving yourself the mind numbing two week wait for slow boat shipping via smartpost.
I bought yarn and proceeded to attempt this blanket during the summer Ravelympics of 2008.   If I could crochet 24 hours a day I might have finished it.  Being a human (and apparently a mother – short people in my house kept asking for things…they must be mine… they look like me) I did not succeed.  Not only did I not succeed I burned myself out on it. So I put it away…far far away. Finally when Ravelympics 2010 rolled around I began to think it might be a good time to break it out again…and this time there was actually a pretty good chance I could have finished it – except for the short people. The tallest of the short people volunteered me to help with costumes on a musical where the sewing of 19 skirts and the hemming and altering of a multitude of ballgowns began.  So I basically failed at finishing for two consecutive Ravelmpics.
But the afghan did in fact finally get its day. In truth it got finished a couple weeks ago, but this is the first chance I have had to give it the blog post it is due.

The Cathedral Rose Afghan.
Cathedral Rose 4

At a total of 84″ from side to side there is a deceptively HUGE amount of crochet here.

Entirely Red Heart Super Saver <1. It had to be washable. HAD to be.  2. If I made it of anything else I would have had to put it in a safe deposit box – the yardage in this thing is….intimidating.  While I was making it I had my doubts, but once it had been washed and dried it is nice and soft awesome for snuggling with.

The totals?  18 skeins of Super Saver – with not a lot left over.  That is a total of 5,712 yards of yarn.  3.25 MILES of yarn.

The pattern is surprisingly easy – at times it is mind numbing.  the fortunate thing is the construction is genius so that a little common sense can carry you through when nothing else does.

And the final product? Amazing. Beautiful. HUGE. Great for a snuggle with a short blanket thief, there is enough to go around 🙂 I am so happy I finished this that it makes me giddy – and every time I sit wrapped up in it, or toss it over the back of the sofa I get a little thrill of accomplishment.

So there it is the long path from UFO to FO, the agony of defeat, the thrill of victory, and the need to find a new long term project.

Ravelry Page

center of afghan

Cathedral Rose Afghan


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