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Knitting….. March 5, 2007

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OK, this particular post is very important to me.
Because I have knit something.  For the first time this something is NOT a scarf, and even more importantly, it is not fun fur.
Fiber snobs cover your ears, it is red heart 🙂
This is my Calorimetry. From  A real pattern. 
What makes this the best knitted thing ever? I did it.  I swatched, I figured out I only needed 100 stitches to go around my fat noggin.  I figured out what size needles….I cast on no less than five times….I knit wrong and it was horrid, but I studied videos and picture books till I got it right…..on the fifth try I knit until I had this wonderful thing of greenness that looked horrible with my hair.  I wore it anyway (thankfully, four year olds are proud of their mommies, even when the rest of us know she looks silly with her hair hanging out like that!!!!)
I even wore it to check out a new yarn store….and the owner complimented me… she said my knitting looked lovely!!!!!AND when I told her it was my first thing that wasn’t a scarf…she said she never would have guessed….. SO here my friends is my little bit of knitting triumph.  I have purchased a skein of alpaca to celebrate and to try again…. I only twisted two stitches… and I had to undo some stitches to go back and fix pearls where there should have been knits…. all in all I am far to proud of this simple thing… yet I can not help but have visions of sweaters dance in my head.  (a knit sweater takes SOO much less yarn, it can make even the good stuff seem economical!)
Sigh.  See what you all have done to me!!!!!

Halloween….Oh my. October 25, 2006

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Well, I have done what I thought was going to be harder than it was. 
Or something like that.  It is quite easy to transform pre teens into dead souls for Halloween, costuming  for amatuers.  What is more difficult is to costume up a three year old.  Because dead does not cut it. My experience with costumes is at this point I think good.  Great?? No, but good. 
I have transformed the daughter into Cinderella (by making my first anything that qualified as wearable when she was younger, which is why when she was older we simply purchased the deluxe Cinderella kit), a variety of misc. glittery princesses, and really the topper of them all…Jessie the cowgirl (she was the BEST Jessie ever…I will have to see if I can find some old pics)
But the boy…he wants to be a spider.  Not the round spider that there is a pattern for, but a "real" spider.  Not a dinosaur (which we have, mom made them for my brother when he was smaller than he is now 🙂
As it is at least I know opportunity when I see it, and this my friends was opportunity.  Now I get the wander and browse the fabric department looking for the perfect spider material, and since I do not know what spider material is, I will just have to peruse everything!! And peruse I did for an entire lunch hour.  As it turns out spiders are made of furry fleece that is on clearance for no apparent purpose, and they have sparkly silver things in them, also for no apparent purpose.  Two yards, 5 bucks….woohoo 🙂
After some debate with myself in terms of "totally wing it" or "base it off a pattern" (I lead myself astray often and create things with no basis in reality when left without some sort of a pattern) so I went with a pattern.  The only pattern I have in my library for boys included a long sleeve t-shirt…stitched a bit big to accomodate spider appendages, it was perfect. Hence the spider below…since I am lazy and he is fleece, I did not feel the need to finish any edges.  What you see is entirely serger created, with the exception of the furry strings holding the arms together.  Those I stitched by hand. (lol) Really ignore the hat.  It was not done yet.
It turns out the hardest part of this whole adventure was taking a picture of it.   It turns out my boy has amazing spider powers and moves very quickly.  (wishing I had though earlier to make DD little miss muffett….she would have hated it but I would have LOVED it )

Costumes and Quilt Squares October 17, 2006

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So It has been a while.  You could call it craft lethargy.  Or pants hemming sessions.  Really. I just keep getting pants to hem.
Any way, all hope is not lost…we have Halloween costumes to make!!  So far we have a good start on DD. A couple years ago I bought her a deluxe Cinderella costume. Which was great and princessy and she wore the heck out of it.  But now she is older and FAR too mature to be Cinderella, even though the dress still fits.  Dead Cinderella however is another story.  SO we have been doing some quick work to modify the cinderella dress.  Some tatters and some black fabric spray paint and we are a whole lot closer to dead 🙂 The next step will be to glue/sew on some of that spider web stuff and some spiders. 
Among all the other misc. pouring out of my craft room are these two quilt squares that are going to a memorial quilt (or two) for the Irwin family.  The one with the alligator I owe special credit to, the alligator (crocodile?) is an illustration/linedrawing by Ken Batelman.  He graciously (After a totally random email) allowed me to use his image for this square.  Anyway, his other work is just delightful, so much of it blends grown up stuff and themes with childlike ideas and imagination.  Franky, I am smitten 🙂 His website can be found at

More Halloween swap goodness…. October 9, 2006

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Well, someone did get shafted in the Halloween swap I was in. SO I decided to angel for her and provide some swap yumminess (I hope)
I hit the post office today, so I hope she likes it all…..
There is a Cordicella purse (pattern from )
A fleece pillow with a reverse applique, a broken bone stuffie/pillow,
Felt sugar skulls, more vintage Halloween card magnets and a cute paint it yourself suncatcher. 
I really hope she likes it all, it rather stinks to be flaked on.
Anyway…the most elaborate think here is the purse….I have one and I LOVE it… it is my absolute favorite and the pockets on the outside are wonderful.  It is easy to make until you get to the bottom, at which point in time it takes on some…difficulty…but the results are so worth it. 
As for the sugar skulls, if I can ever find a way to host a proper tutorial on this blog (say a nice PDF) I will put directions up, but they are pretty easy to do based on just looking. 
hmm.  Enough jibber-jabber. 
Pics Below 🙂

Curtains October 1, 2006

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OK, this weekend was filled with CURTAINS, I only succeeded in getting one window done, but done it is. 
It all began with what should have been an uneventful shopping trip.  Prior to shopping I had figured yardage needed and hoped to get a deco fabric as it would be wide enough to do two panels otherwise if I got 45" wide I would need twice as much yardage. 
Anyway at the store my daughter proved to be more difficult than I ever could have imagined.  If there was a cute affordable fabric, she hated it. If it was gaudy or impossible to make curtains with she loved it!!
Finally we found a beautiful duck cloth/canvas material, it would have been gorgeous.  Really…but I couldn’t help looking at it and thinking how in two years she was going to hate these and want something else…and because of the width of the fabric I was going to need some serious yardage.  Fortuneately we found the fleece.  I am pretty sure the designer of these curtains never intended them to be made of fleece, But I can’t help but be happy with the results.  Cute, super thick, I am sure they will help keep out the cold in the winter, and you can’t see a thing from the outside when they are closed.  I have one more window to go, but they go fairly fast once all the shopping is done.
Anyway at least if she decides she hates these in a year I won’t feel too badly 🙂

Swap goodness!! September 28, 2006

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Ach so here is what my absolutely wonderful swap partner sent me…I swear she has been spying on me!!
how else could she have made such perfect stuff? First, a monster wreath… a seriously awesome huge teeth filled monster….Hee hee I LOOVE him and he is currently resident on my front door, just waiting to eat the next magazine selling schoolkid who shows up!!! ‘
Next up, I asked for a candy bowl, and boy did whe deliver….meet….the mummy….look at his eyes and just tell me he isn’t mad you are takin his candy…so awesome….
And finally (here is where I think she is truly stalking me) a halloween banner… kitche and living room are the same room with that little top wall divider in the middle….I hang lots of banners and what not there for various seasons….and this one is PERFECT for that….I didn’t even have to put up new nails…..
SO YAY for swappy goodness!!!

Hemming Jeans and other nonsense September 25, 2006

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OK, tell me why on earth do I continue to tell people I will hem their jeans. 
I HATE hemming jeans. Really.  Are you wearing jeans?? Feel your jueans.  They are thick. VERY thick.  Which is OK until you get to the sideseam where they are horribly layered into even thicker behemoths.  SO I load the damn jeans thread into my machine (notice it to is thick, VERY thick) which I might add my machine HATES….(OK, maybe it doesn’t hate it, but I do!) and I hem jeans.  I play with tension, iron the heck out the hem, fight it every step of the way, and wonder why on earth can’t people just buy jeans the right length….which is completely horrible, because my son has short legs, so I will be hemming jeans FOREVER>>>>>>>>>>>
Jeans hems always turn out to clean looking…no lighter spots, no variation, they just never look like jeans hems. SO I am never happy with them.
SO since I hemmed a pair of jeans this weekend, I did all sorts of fluffy non necessary crafting. 
I made a hat, some wristwarmers and a BIGGER puzzle ball. 
Hat and wristwarmers are Caron Simply soft in berry blue, the wristwarmers are loosely based on these and the hat is from the Vogue book of crocheted hats.  
Everything is all from stash… not stashbusting by any means, but hey every bit counts right 🙂
On the puzzleball, it would seem logical you could achieve the same results in a large on as in a small one just by scaling up the pattern, so I decided to try it.  Oddly enough, that is just not true.  See the pics yourself.  While the larger one is charming, it leaves "windows" the smaller one doesn’t have.  WOndering if it is possible to get the same effect and how to change the ration of length of pattern piece to width of pattern piece to achive this….
Pics below:

Amish Puzzle ball pincushion :-) September 22, 2006

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OK, this little bugger is hand sewn…..36 tiny pieces of fabric, two nights of TV watching….
I can hardly bring myself to poke pins in it.  (which is nonsense really, if I don’t poke pins in it soon, I will find it outside being used for a toy!!)
Not sure why the Halloween theme, except I immedietly saw this material and that the little shapes would highlight them…and next up was a Halloween theme.
I am thinking these would make LOVELY Christmas ornaments……..Yet another reason to stalk the remnant section.

Yet another Sublime Stitching September 19, 2006

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OK, so I decided I needed to stop carrying the elmo lunch bag to work.  And I made my self a new lunch bag 🙂
The pattern is again a Sublime Stitching pattern (I love veggies)
Almost had a total disaster with this one, turns out the handles on these bags are not just chaep nylon, they are really cheap melt at a low temp material…so when ironing the lining in the bag, I almost melted the handles.  I guess I could have put new ones on, but they didn’t melt too badly.
I have committed myself to donating crafted items for a craft fair my sons preschool has as a fundraiser, and really this is kind of a prototype for that, I think I will do two or three cute bags and fill them will dollar store toys as kind of to go totes…. still fleshing that one out though.  Fortuneately these go fast, catering to the procastinator in me 🙂
Alright, enough already, on th the pics 🙂 

Another Sublime Stitching item :-) September 18, 2006

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No pics, just a scan, because all my stupic cameras refuse to take pictures…..
THis however is now the bottom of a T-shirt for my son 🙂
He calls it his magic faster shirt 🙂
Hopefully I will have action shots soon…..
Edited 9-19-06 more pictures added 🙂