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Felted Clogs the 6th… May 24, 2010

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A brief history of Felted clogs as knit by Karen.

1. Made for Anna.

My first foray into felted clogs.  Ignored yarn requirements, bought two skeins of clog color and one of sole color.  Made it work by holding clog color and sole color together for inner sole of clog. Purple and black.

2. Made for me.

Paid attention to yarn requirement, apparently forgot how to count though. Compensated by picking up or dropping stitches randomly throughout to keep the stitch count right. Clogs still turned out super cute.

3. Made for Debbie. This pair was practically perfect except that I used a different kind of yarn. On my prior escapades I used Cascade 220 or Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride. For this pair I heard that the brown sheep naturespun  felted a lot faster – as I do my felting in a front loader this was ultra appealing. What I did not expect is that it would felt totally differently than the other yarns.  I consider this the wonkiest looking pair ever and there is not picture as I think they were felted at about two minutes before they were gifted.  They are also the warmest thickest pair I have made- so the recipient was still quite happy.

4. Made for Beth – again no picture – again, finished at the last absolute possible minute – there may be a pattern here but I refuse to acknowledge it. Lavender with purple soles – I used Hobby Lobby I Love this wool, and it was a slower start felting, but once it decided to felt – it felted.

5. Made for Kacey – and since these live with me and are frequently spotted in the wild (she wears them to school..yeah I am that mom, the one who lets her kid wear their slippers to school…) but still – no picture. These were a complete hybrid knit – all or the other purple and black leftovers held together in an amazing yarn conservation sytem effectively using all kinds of leftovers and still becoming felted clogs.

6. Made for Frankie –

who is graduating high school, and is nice to my freshman kid. The idea struck and I raided the stash using one skein of Brown Sheep Naturspun in bulky weight to knit all four soles! Beware clog knitters – this left ONLY enough to sew the sole together, not enough to do the cuff or attach the second sole, so for that I went back to pair No. 3 and used some of the purple to do the job. The blue was a skein of Lion Wool I had around thanks to my inability to resist a clearance sale.  The best part is these have a little racing stripe around the sole, which can not be considered sporty, since this is a slipper, but sure is cute.

So there it is – my most frequently knit pattern. Maybe I will learn to start more than two days before gifting is required 🙂


Box bag drama… February 8, 2009

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Ok, so someone showed up at knit club with one of these bags, in an adorable sheep fabric.  The first thing out of my mouth was how I could make one of those….not only did I say it, but I meant it.  I loved that bag.  I suppose I could have ordered one, but let’s face it, I like my money a lot and I have a sewing room full of stuff that wants to be used!

So I hit the sewing room asap, and generated prototype number 1.

box bag attempt 1.

box bag attempt 1

So attempt one was wonky, but you have to remember I was working off of a 2-3 minute inspection of the bag and some dodgy ideas about how it might be constructed.  Still cute, tinier than I anticipated, but it will hold a sock in progress.

At this point in time I was pretty sure I was going to have to do some math, and for some reason most of the math was hitting me at about 4:00 am this morning. Eventually I gave up, wrote it all down and went back to sleep.

I thought I could live with this, but it turns out, I couldn’t.  I was compelled to go back to the sewing room… (the new awesome upstairs one that I haven;t told y’all about yet!)  There I decided to check my 4:00 am math – because if ANY math needs to be checked it is 4:00 am math – by sewing a cheesy muslin prototype.

Muslin version - attempt 2 and math check

Muslin version - attempt 2 and math check

This bad boy was more a way to check out my thought process and see if I could improve on my prior wonky version.  While making this one I got the genius idea to add a zipper pocket to the inside of the final version for notions.  It did at least confirm that my 4:00 am math was on track.

So, after all that, a final happy bag….

Final Happy Bag!

Final Happy Bag!

Inside zipper notion pocket!

Inside zipper notion pocket!

An a sock in progress inside..

An a sock in progress inside..

The sock in the bag (with heel!)

The sock in the bag (with heel!)


Team Red Heart…. August 11, 2008

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Mwahahahahaha… did y’all knitters just CRINGE when you saw that?

To make a long story short, I stayed stuck in washclothville for some time. I am back now with something of a little bit more interest. That would be my insanity…. my newest afghan project. Some time ago I became infatuated with this….. At the time, the only place you could find this out of print pattern was through e-bay, and we all know what extremes the fiber arts community will go to to get that specific pattern. Yeah. EXTREME. Every time I saw a $60-$70 price on an Annie’s Attic pattern I went ballistic and emailed them to republish. Finally one day they emailed back and said they would be republishing it. A YEAR FROM THAT TIME!! A FRICKIN’ YEAR???? I had already been mad about it for a year, now I get to wait another year? Anyway, rumors of republishing didn’t bring the price down..finally one day I got an Annie’s Attic email, and front and center was the brand spankin new republished cathedral rose. I ordered on the spot. But once I had the pattern I ended up setting it aside, as I could not figure out how to pick the colors I wanted. The gemstones are spectacular, but they have no place in my fall inspired (ha inspired…LOL) living room. I did however make this….
cathedral Rose planner copy

Yeah, I have AutoCad and apparently too much time on my hands as well…. Anyhoo I also have photoshop, which led to this…
Red Heart Colors Mock up

The color version is made from clipping actual photos of yarns and pasting them into the pattern…. For all intensive purposes this thing has to be washable, as I intend on using it. This thing also has a finished diameter of 81″. That is almost 7 feet people. This baby is HUGE. The yarn requirements should be given in POUNDS. If you have ever bought 12 skeins of red heart supersaver for a project, you know what overwhelming is.  That would be equal to 4000 yards, or 18 skeins of Cascade 220.  After some comparison in price, Red Heart was the ONLY way to go.

Still here? Darn, hoped you had left before I said this…..

I committed to doing this thing for the Ravelympics. Yeah. I put myself on a deadline. A ridiculous deadline. That said here is the progress from opening ceremonies until I ceased work for the evening last night….
Sunday Night

I wanted a full on shot, but since I spent all weekend doing nothing but crocheting, there is no where suitable to put it for pictures except the back of the sofa.  So far I am happy, and I think I made a lot of progress, but I am still concerned about how large these rounds are getting and about the two full bags of yarn still left to go into this monster…..

Anyway, if I am not here for a couple of weeks, don’t be concerned….


Quiltin’….. July 14, 2008

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OK, so I can sew. I don’t sew as often as I would like.  That said it seems I have NO problems picking up misc. fabric bits for no particular purpose.  While in Kansas I visited a couple of quilt shops, but the one that stole my heart was Around the Block Quilts.  I could really gush about that shop, only it is closing, the owner is relocating to another state.  Parson’s has truly lost a little treasure.  Check out the on-line shop though as she will still be there at least 🙂

Anyhoo, the knitmare on elm street fabric I purchased earlier on-line needed a complimentary solid to act as a nice bright lining for my future knit bag….so I managed to find a few yards of aqua there…

Also purchased on a whim, an oriental/retro inspired pink print, and goldfish!  The goldfish are especially wonderful as they have little names by them each…like bubbles or fred 🙂

As usual I have no idea what these will grow up to be, but the smart bet is on some kind of bag.

I have spent a good portion of my evenings watering lately, seeing as how mother nature is totally behind the curve on rain lately.  It only pretends it is going to rain, and it only does that when I make outdoor plans.  Despite all her laziness though, the garden is growing…..
100_2279   100_2270

Tomatoes are set on, and working on being ripe, I will have at least one zucchini for dinner Wednesday night, we had beans from the garden on Saturday, and it is finally the season when all of the garden work pays off a little 🙂

I have been knitting but don’t have any pictures yet, but don’t get too excited, I think I just moved from cloths to towels.  Really I have got to knit something not square someday soon….


Knitta’ Crack… July 12, 2008

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100_2285  100_2276 100_2225


6 ballbands, missing are the 4 that I gave away before photos…last one is a newly discovered form of crack, let’s call it knitta meth… the lace dishcloth…. I think I am not just a product knitter, right now I am an instant gratification knitter.


Gove City Yarns, Gove Kansas July 7, 2008

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OK first of all, I wish I had taken pictures, but my poor camera was sans batteries.

Gove yarns defies description.  People, I would live there if I could.  What I didn’t know going into it was that Gove yarns is an antiques AND yarn shop.  Walking in was a pretty amazing experience.  Especially since calling Gove a city is actually pretty flattering (no offense Gove) the yarn shop is the nicest place in town.

Gove yarns has an amazingly charming combination of old and new, with antique trunks and furniture just overflowing with yarn.  It is the type of shop where visually you are overwhelmed and find yourself digging through trunks of yarn, just to see what else might be there.  She had flatfoot yarn, which I passed by through some unknown self preservation method, and in another room had a good variety of TLC and other acrylics, the selection here was vast!

In the end I got the issue of Interweave Crochet with the Babette blanket in it, and the Fall of ’06 Interweave Knits, the place was a treasure trove of back issues!  Also I was lucky enough to score some sale yarn!

cotton on cones I love the pink and green together, this stuff is cotton, coned probably about 400 yds per cone!  Lovely stuff with a great sheen, will probably become baby goods as soon as I hear someone is having a girl 🙂

wool A lovely assortment of Jo Sharp wool in fall colors with which I will make myself a scarf 🙂

vintage needle

I fell hard for these vintage needles, she had a whole basket of them, and I consider it a total personal victory that I didn’t buy the whole lot…. but these were too sweet to pass up!

I highly doubt anyone just “ends up” in Gove, but if you happen to be nearby, I recommend the slight jaunt off the highway, it will be well worth your time.


Actual knitting…. April 9, 2008

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I have actual knitting 🙂

First of all, there is a little more of the knitter’s crack known as the ball band dishcloth.


These two were birthday gifts with french lavender soap for my MIL and SIL.  Addictive as usual, took all my power not to cast on a bazillion more…

DH finally asked for something knitted, I know he doesn’t wear sweaters, so I had no fear of that, but imagine my relief when all he wanted was this:

 ipod sock

Yup. An ipod sock.  This was knit with some lovely wool I gpt at Stitch n’ Pitch this year, knitted up I LOVE it and wish I had more than a single skein, but in the skein? It be some UGLY stuff.  Half the skein in each color, and you just have no idea how it will knit up.  It has taught me a lesson though about judging yarns by their hanks……

Also for those keeping tabs, another burner cover met its demise the other day.  Bless its heart, it was less than 2 days old when it found out I have issues……I am thinking of getting four teapots instead of burner covers, and keeping a little water in each, that way if I turn on the wrong one, it will whistle at me before I start a fire AND I get a nice cup of tea.

burner cover...burnt…that or investing in solid burner covers and matching spray paint.